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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Last weekend I blogged on the LibDem censorship of any mention of the criminality of the war, which they unanimously supported, against Yugoslavia. This led Britblog to say "If no legal response is forthcoming it tells us either a) That it is all true and no blogger mentioned can refute it, or b) That they don’t take him seriously" which, honesty requires I must modestly point out ignores the option that both are true.

By the time that was written I had started putting the accusations in detail on virtually every LibDem site that blogged over the weekend. Not good netiquette I accept but then censoring the original honest questions wasn't in the first place. Unsurprisingly most censored it. 6 kept it up but, out of dozens, & mostly like the example of ignoring the elephant in the room, continued their chit chat without mentioning it.

Somebody responded on the LiBDems in Hackney site that since Britain is a constitutional monarchy politicians can't legally be held accountable, to which I pointed out that Mussolini's Italy was a constitutional monarchy & were nonetheless found responsible. He also said that other NATO countries were also culpable & that "I am sure that Liberal Democrats would support a full and thorough investigation into and any resultant prosecutions of anyone [ie anyone foreign] accused of any such crimes" which I await seeing with interest. There was 1 supportive message here.. Not really a diary made a response but censored my reply. Futility monster said he was suspicious of what we were told about Yugoslavia but didn't know much which is honest.

Mike Gradwell made a manful attempt to defend the party by claiming it was untrue that NATO had started the war over Kosovo & similar counter factual assertions He decided to start censoring me though we continued an email correspondence which I assume he does not wish published but in which he was still unable to produce any factual support for the official view. His brother then, surprisingly gave me a telling off for censoring the hordes of LibDems who had pointed out my factual inaccuracies. My reply was reasoned & he has not responded.

There was also a response from the former British Ambassador to both Bosnia & Serbia, Charles Crawford who runs an intelligent blog, mainly on diplomacy. This being his page on Yugoslavia. This has brought me to conclusions well beyond Yugoslavia or the LudDims which I will deal with probably tomorrow. He put up 2 comments but then ceased.

So the final result is that there has been no hint of legal response, that not 1 of the 80,000 members has produced any factual evidence to suggest that the entire party is not complicit in war crimes, genocide & worse, that no member is currently able to dispute it & that nobody who was an MP at the time is willing even to defend themselves from such charges.

Of course you are not to infer from this anything other than that they consider the evidence against them so flimsy that it was scarcely worth their while to rise from their seats and waste their breath denying these ludicrous charges. Or not as the case may be.

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And try have us denying that:
- we sold our souls to the devil;
- man see us as humans but in effect we are lizards;
- we were predicted by Nostradamus.
We'll ignore all of that too.
Well here is a LibDem denying, indeed pouring scorn, on Icke's lizard rubbish.

Clearly allegations which are not supported by publicly recorded facts are easier to scorn.
not anyone foreign, anyone at all actually. misrepresenting quotes like that one and posting off topic comments are some of the reasons you get spam filtered. Talk more reasonably, and actually listen to the responses you get, and you won't get treated with the same contempt.
U assume this post comes from a LibDem blogger, probably Peter Black who has censored my posting, with facts, but feels I should accept his fact free post. Fortunately for him I have liberal principles.

The claim that the reason I have been censoerd not by the blogger but by being caught in a span filter is, of course, a lie. This is proven by the fact that Mous is responding to a post he is alleging he never saw.
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