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Thursday, August 06, 2009


This is a mea culpa. Way back before he became the beloved leader I thought Brown might be sensible. this was because he had been the boss of Kate Barker when she produced the sensible housing report which said that if we didn't want a shortage we should build more & because he had been lukewarm, metaphorically, on catastrophic warming & because Bliar, as a genocidal, child raping, organlegging Nazi war criminal, wasn't suitable for the job.

He succeeded to the job 27th June 2007. The years on the graph above runs from April to April so the line turns up about October. Just time for him to get back from his hols & Parliament reopen.

On the other hand since David Miliband was trying to nerve himself up to run at the time it could have been much worse.

Graph c/o Taxpayer's Alliance

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That graph should have an "extremely parabolic" estimate. Here in the US the Treasury is borrowing so fast that it borrowed a quarter of a trillion in just one week- link.

In a more recent post Denninger stated that the Treasury has now hit the wall on auctions, since public demand has nearly collapsed.
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