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Monday, March 19, 2007


Iain Dale put up an item on his blog on the possibility of Mr Miliband running successfully against Gordo, Iain expressed a relatively high opinion of him. I disagreed & more interestingly almost everybody else did too.

I am reposting my reply here partly because when I reread it I still found it funny. I know I have been biting a number of people recently & will have to find somebody to say nice things about, apart from Milosevic & Simon who are dead.
I must admit I think you are being a bit naughty talking up Milipede who would make Cameron look deep.

I have commented a couple of times on his blog on which his thoughts are paraded & I didn't see any flashes of anything more than cliche. You have commented before on his blog & expense thereof. the blog had been alleged to be horribly expensive which annoys other political bloggers who don't get 40 grand from the government

His vision seems to be about giving us "carbon footprint" ration books & putting our rubbish in numerous bins. I think he is this generation's Michael Meacher - who rises without trace by spouting politically correct nonsense because he has the advantage of not being equipped to question it.

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