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Thursday, June 04, 2009


From the BBC at the time
Several hundred civilians have been shot dead by the Chinese army during a bloody military operation to crush a democratic protest in Peking's (Beijing) Tienanmen Square.

Tanks rumbled through the capital's streets late on 3 June as the army moved into the square from several directions, randomly firing on unarmed protesters....

The protests began with a march by students in memory of former party leader Hu Yaobang, who had died a week before.

But as the days passed, millions of people from all walks of life joined in, angered by widespread corruption and calling for democracy.

Tonight's military offensive came after several failed attempts to persuade the protesters to leave.

Throughout the day the government warned it would do whatever it saw necessary to clamp down on what it described as "social chaos".
So though our media now tell tales of unverified "thousands" killed at the time their figure was similar to the Chinese government figure of 241.

So could China have immediately gone to a multi-party western style democracy. My guess is no. The protesters were not a unified group but a mixture of "included disillusioned Communist Party members and Trotskyists as well as free market reformers" which is similar to the mixture of democrats, communists & Moslem fundamentalists who brought down the Shah of Iran. It is at least likely that the defeat of the Chinese government would have brought not democracy but chaos, possibly a new Cultural Revolution & prevented the nearly 8 fold increase in GNP which, over the last 20 years has raised the Chinese people from poverty.

Last night the BBC showed its belief in democracy, liberal values & not killing people by having Kate Adie to a tell us that "Tienanmen will not be forgotten". This is the same Kate Adie who lied & censored to support the BBC's Nazi propaganda in Kosovo done for the specific purpose of assisting in not merely the genocide of thousands but cutting them open while alive, carried out under the orders of our political leaders.

In numbers NATO's crimes were many tens of times worse than Tienanmen, in the degree of horror they were at least 10 times worse than that & in the possible justification, in terms of firm action to maintain peace or the rule of law, the NATO/Nazi actions cannot have 1/100th as much justification - indeed, since NATO's war was done entirely for the pleasure of destruction, murder & genocide it is difficult to see even that much justification.

Therefore by any objective standard the Chinese leaders, who all sides agree did not seek confrontation (indeed a number lost their careers for being to placatory) cannot be said, individually or collectively, to have demonstrated less than 10,000 times as much respect for human rights than our own criminal leaders & their brown nosers in the media. I don't think any honest person can deny this fact.

The sheer cynicism of the BBC sending Adie, someone they know has lied to help them promote mass murder, run this piece of racist hate-speech is to be expected.

Nonetheless a couple of interesting points made:

A woman who had been both a party member & a demonstrator said that as the demo had gone on the more extreme types had come more to the fore. This is not surprising & is well known crowd behaviour in that special interest groups tend to reinforce each other & movement is towards a more combative position.

Another democracy protester, from a later era, was described as having been one of the people who designed the Bird's Nest Stadium. Thus while he may not have the freedom to vote for one of 2 undesirable parties as we in Britain do he does have the freedom to do creative work on such a building, something government in Britain denies us.

However the Chinese government is, we are told, still censoring what their media may say about what their government did in Tienanmen. As our still censors the far worse atrocities our 10,000 times more fascistic leaders have done.

*The title is taken from the Headline "Climate study is open to criticism" used by the Times for a letter by Benny Peiser saying & proving in detail elsewhere that this new report was a corrupt & fraudulent lie. Perhaps my criticism of the Chinese government here has been a little heavy handed if anybody thought I was equating its behaviour with the western promotion of the catastrophic warming lie.

I agree with your point that the West is corrupt. I was over on J's site and a former White South African made a comment "that this corruption is going on across all of the countries formerly known as the West" (ie the West is dead).

I'm going off memory here, but you his point was clear.

2. Please read this short piece of fiction.
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