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Monday, January 10, 2011


Dellers piece today is about the disparity in coverage of killings by Moslem nutters, who are consistently described as lone nutters, even when they prove to have been in contact with al Quaeda organisers, with the killings in Arizona by somebody whose psychiatric history certainly evtitles him to the description "nutter" & is accepted as having been "lone".

I put in this comment taking the comparison closer to home - the MSM's entirly different attitude to some earlier genuine calls for killing of Palin & implicitly Tea Partyists generally.
Here is Dermocrat candidate who wished Sarah Palin to be killed.
Here is the "Sarah Palin Should Die" Facebook

Both long predate the current ashooting & the BBC being, at least to some extent not thieving corrupt fascist parasites openly breaking their legal commitment to "due balance" have previously used a lot of airtime to criticise the Democrats for such genuine & open threats.

Oh - they didn't - well I guess I must be wrong then.
Then to prove my point a few minutes ago BBC radio ran an item on it, interviewing Palin opponents but no Tea partyist so I sent this to them & the BBC Trust. If anybody, anywhere in that body feels able to say that they have reported with legally required "due balance" I will, of course, publish them. The BBC answetring complaints of criminality would be sufficienty unusual to be newsworthy.

I regret that Sarah will now have to get bodyguards - I am sure the media will criticise her for that (though they never criticised Obama or any other President).

UPDATE From the Pournelle blog:

As a former chief prosecutor for a judicial district in Iowa for 11+ years, and later as a Senior Assistant United States Attorney for another 16 years before we retired onto our boat Angel Louise to cruise, I feel I have some observations that may reflect on the Arizona tragedy.

THE SHOOTING I've been listening to the sad news about the Arizona shooting. I Found out that the shooter registered to vote in 2006 and did not even bother to vote in the last election. He is likely a paranoid-schitzophrenic who could have been anywhere and gone off against anyone. One of his email posts indicated he would "kill a cop." When I was county attorney back in Iowa we saw lots of folks like this over the years.

Back in 1971 when I started the shooter would have been put in a mental health institute unless he could be medicated to safely be out under someone's watchful eye. They changed the laws in the later 70s and 80s to make sure folks like this were not institutionalized. They were more and more let 'on the street' in what Daniel Patrick Moynahan called the "dumbing down of America".

So not a political activist & if anything caused by exactly what the tea Party are against.

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Sunday, January 09, 2011


When those in power act in the name of human rights they are likely to be hypocritical.

We have recently seen a lot of very uniformative newstime given to the alleged rigged election in the Ivory Coast and the need for troops to intervene to "preserve democracy".
{Ghana} was not able to send troops to oust the leader of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, who is unwilling to cede office after losing last month’s presidential election. The announcement could complicate a move by a regional bloc of 15 nations in West Africa to mount a military intervention in order to allow the internationally recognized winner of the election, Alassane Ouattara, to take office. He and his staff are barricaded inside a hotel, their exits blocked by soldiers loyal to Mr. Gbagbo. The United States, the European Union, the African Union and the United Nations General Assembly have recognized Mr. Ouattara as the president.

The claim that the President "lost" the election is, at the very least, questionable since our media have presented no actual evidence beyond our governments' assertions of it.

The basic rule here is that Ivory Coast is a sovereign country. Neither the United States, the EU, the African Union or specifically the UN have any right to tell them who they elected let alone to invade them to impose a government. For fairness I should point out that neither do the government of China or the YMCA.

National sovereignty and equal legal rights for all nations is not just a matter of prinicple it is vital for all humanity. History shows that when the cultural community extends beyond one state we have Enlightenemnt/Renaissance/Golden Age. When everybody is under one government we have stagnation. When Columbus wanted to explore the Atlantic & the king of France refused he could go to the kings of England, Portugal and eventually Spain. When, after exploring the Indian Ocean the Chinese explorer Cheng Ho he found the Emperor had changed his mind and there was no alternative. Over the following century China ever more strenuously banned ocean voyaging and in 1513 the Eurpoeans sailed into their waters. I have no interest in who if, if anybody, are the "goodies" in Ivory Coast but we all have an interest in there not being a de facto world government able, at whim, to determine how every small country is run because we all live in small countries (even Americans).

And on the note of hypocrisy there has been virtually no BBC coverage of the openly fraudulent election in Kosovo allegedly won by "Snake" Thaci the former organlegging NATO policeman, terrorist, gangster, drug dealer, pimp and baby dissector. Thaci, under the command authority of Clinton, Blair etc engaged in atrocities that make Dr Mengele, under Hitler's command authority look honourable and his "nation" is actually run by EU apparatchiks since he and his compatriots simply aren't competent to run anything more sophisticated than a criminal gang. To be fair the fraud here has been so obvious that a very partial rerun has been ordered in this EU/US colony but partial is simply tokenism.
Parliamentary elections will be repeated in municipalities of Srbica, Glogovac and Dečani, and at some polling stations in Lipljan, Mališevo and Kosovska Mitrovica.

The Sunday elections will be monitored by representatives of the international community, while EU Special Representative in Kosovo Pieter Feith will be in charge of coordinating the work of the election observation mission to Kosovo.
The western alliance has long claimed not to believe results they didn't like (Serbia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Iran etc) as "undemocratic" while claiming to believe sometimes openly fraudulent ones they do (Montenegro, Bosnia, Ukraine, Georgia, Mexico etc, even arguably the various reruns of EU referenda because vthe electorate voted "wrong" the first time or indeed the California referendum result that was annulled) as examples of free democracy. Well no. Democracy is the result the people voted for not the one Washington or Brussels want. That is empire.

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