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Saturday, May 16, 2009


The Tony Blair Faith Foundation is currently recruiting for an Education Manager, reporting to the Director of Education, primarily to manage the development and delivery of the "Faith & Globalisation" courses by universities around the world.

The role will involve development of the programme of "Faith and Globalisation" courses at world-class universities, and associated activities. Key duties will include the management of relationships with key stakeholders, project partners and potential and current funders, plus representing the Foundation in private meetings and at public events where appropriate. The role will also involve assistance in the development of educational products, whether they be university related, or otherwise specified as by the Director of Education.
AKA spindoctor.

Top news item on his charitable site. 2nd comes how much Bliar is doing to support World Malaria Week - an organisation using pictures of big eyed children to raise money to "fight" malaria. To do so it will "blanket Africa with mosquito nets, effective medicine and targeted spraying". Malaria kills about 1.5 million a year & they are mainly big eyed African children. This figure is up from 50,000 half a century ago because of the effective banning of DDT & could again be reduced to that level quickly if widespread DDT spraying were allowed again. As you can see "targeted" spraying, ie limited & probably using less effective though more effective chemicals, is literally the last thing they intend to do. So Malaria No More is a fake charity in a different sense from the government lobbyists who claim to be charities. Of course the whole ecofascist campaign against DDT, which has killed more people than Hitler is wholly fraudulent, the stuff having never been shown to be damaging to humans & the alleged evidence of it harming birds having been completely discredited, but that would only matter if the purpose of this charity was to do good rather than to raise money & allow the likes of Bliar to pose.

On a previous occasion I suggested, sarcastically, that when he retired he would set up "The Blair Institute for International Niceness & Big Eyed Children, HQ a luxurious castle in Tuscany, funded by George Soros & the Morgan Foundation.(Jn 20-11.59)" That is not quite the name but pretty close. Pass the sick bag

Meanwhile he remains guilty of genocide, child rape war crimes & as we now know dissecting people, while alive, to steal their body organs.

And as the MP's expenses scandal continues the iceberg under the water of this scandal is the amount MPs & top civil servants pick up from people they helped after they retire. Blair quit his seat so that he would no longer have to declare members interests & has since trousered millions, probably 10s of millions.(post 12)

Friday, May 15, 2009


With regard to the CD full of readings you sent me I regret to say I cannot accept this as an answer to my FoI enquiry.

- The Dalgety Bay Report on your website you referred me to, you may be astonished to find, appears unaltered from when SEPA previously directed me to it. Then I pointed out that at no stage did it mention the scientific tests which, if SEPA is in any way honest, have been done to prove the microscopic radioactive particles consisted of paint.

Dealing with the reports you sent me in the order on the CD
- 1997 Non Tech makes no mention of the amount of background radiation on adjoining beaches (part of my 2nd question) but says that "the highest reading recorded at Dalgety Bay was still less than 2/3rds that found in a typical Aberdeen street" which, purely from my layman's knowledge would seem to suggest SEPA have been spending our money making a mountain out of something both literally & metaphorically millions of times smaller than any molehill.

- 1997 Tech refers to any possible risk being LESS than 10^-6 (1 in a million) which does not seem to put it in the priority class SEPA have done. It then says that "the operator must be constantly alert in taking almost continuous decisions as to whether does rate fluctuations were merely random nature of background" which appears somewhat less than certainty. his report specifically mentions identifying radium as an objective but no mention is made of how particles are identified as such, rather than natural & mention is made of particles being at the limit of measurement. No mention whatsoever of chemical identification of paint.

- 1998 Nontech again says Radium was identified in 1990 but not how.

- 1998 Tech say the "radium" was detected purely by its Gamma ray signature not correlated with alpha radiation. This would appear to make it impossible to differentiate from natural gamma radiators.

- The 2005 location map shows a wide spread of material inconsistent with one burning or one site of burnings of dials.

- The Assessments (1996) states specifically (sect 4.4) of samples with detected radiation that "attempts were made to disaggregate these samples to pinpoint more accurately the location of the radioactivity. The result showed that .... it was not possible to subdivide the sample further without loss of identity to its constituent parts" so not only was it impossible to test the radioactive sub microscopic particles to find if they were paint it was impossible even to isolate them.

- Report to the Scottish Office again says, without any question, that radium had been found in 1990. during a "limited survey". How it was proven is still not stated. It also says that radium 226 was found "in substantial equilibrium with its daughters" (ie particles radium had changed into). This would suggest that (A) what was found had a radiation signature significantly different from pure radium & (B) since the half life of radium is 1600 years to achieve a "substantial" breakdown we would expect it to have been there for about 3,200 years, which predates the establishment of the RAF. And there is mention of radon which is a result of natural radioactives not radium paint (at least not unless you have thousands of gallons of it).

- I acknowledge that report from Babcocks (2005) says that background at Dalgety Bay is 50-55 counts per second at Dalgety & also that it is "believed" the it was contamination which is again not consistent with the assurance that it had been scientifically proven which we are agreed represents the absolute pinnacle of honesty to which SEPA aspires.

- The report of Dec 1990 says that particles of radium 226 were found in 1990 but makes no reference to how it was proven that that is what they were, let alone of testing by paint. Paradoxically it also suggests testing for radon in homes which would imply naturally occurring radioactives rather than radium from dumped dials.

- Dec 1991 also refers to radium having been "found" on the previous occasion but not as to how this was determined. Interestingly it says that under the area of raised background radiation was a "layer of clinker & ash" materials which would be likely to contain natural radioactives in increased quantities but which clearly do not make up fractions of a gram of paint. This layer was 0.5m down & so was probably set down millions of years ago rather than in 1945.

- July 1993 again refers to radium having been found but not as to how it was allegedly identified. Again the radioactivity is mainly at the half meter depth.

- June 1992 refers to it being at depth & particles being part of "well compacted materials" (colloquially rocks) which again is inconsistent with it being burned wooden dials.

- May 1992 again refers to material being buried "at least 10cm" which is again clearly inconsistent with a few burned dials,

- Nov 1993 report to the Scottish Office Mr Tilly specifically states that particles of radium-226 have been identified but again no attempt to say how they were identified.

- Oct 1992 ditto

- Sept 1990 refers to particles in "2 particles of fused glass" which again is more consistent with ancient volcanic action than a recent bonfire.

- Sept 1991 claims to have found 2 particles of radium in mint leaves (not paint) but again declines to say how it was identified. The mint appears to have been undamaged until picked.

- Sept 1994 refers again to radium particles as part of the same buried layer. Again no explanation as to how it was identified as radium 226, let alone as paint.

Thus I must point out that SEPA remains in breach of the Act. While all the details sent do contain a mention of background radiation on the Beach (50-55 cps or 2/3rds of that in an Aberdeen street, you have not responded to the other part of part 2 of my query - your measurement of "background radiation on adjoining beaches" or even more importantly part 1 "the scientific testing you assured me & the radio audience had been done of these particles said to prove them to be paint".

Since my FoI request was first put in in the beginning of February & SEPA & indeed the Scottish civil service have stood entirely behind Mr Tilly's claim that these tests have been done we must accept this assurance as representing the very highest standard of honesty to which SEPA & the Scottish civil service aspire. That being the case I am entitled, despite SEPA's previous claim that "Neither SEPA nor its officers are under a duty" to respond you most definitely are under both a moral & legal duty to do so & you have already delayed over 3 months.

Since the earliest reference to finding radium was during a "limited" examination in September 1990 it would seem, assuring SEPA are to some extent honest, that this paint report would be dated then though this seems difficult to match with the 1996 statement that the radioactives couldn't even be isolated.

I would also like add a new inquiry, rather than as a change to the previous enquiry:

How much has SEPA spent since 1990 on investigating a level of radioactivity smaller & less dangerous (under the LNT theory) or less beneficial (under the hormesis theory) than the radioactivity encountered by everybody daily in any street in Aberdeen?

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I recently received the reply from SEPA on the series of articles & queries I have made about the Scottish Environment Protection Agency's (SEPA) scare story about radiation;
Thank you for your recent email, received by us on 6 April 2009, in which you asked for the following information

1 - The results of the scientific testing, you assured me & the radio audience had been done, of these particles said to prove them to be paint & by whom they were done.

2 - Figures for the overall background radiation at Dalgety Bay, allegedly polluted by radioactive paint & of background radiation on the adjoining beaches agreed not to be so polluted. (this is the wording from a reminder I sent to them to ensure no misunderstanding)

We have applied the exemption under Section 39(2) of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 as we have determined that the information sought in your request is environmental information. We are therefore handling your request under the terms of the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (EIRS)

We Passed your enquiry to SEPA's Radioactive Substance Unit who provided the following information;

Please refer to the Dalgety Bay reports on SEPA's website
Plus they sent me a CD of numerous reports which I have gone through. I will be putting up my reply tomorrow having gone through them but, to give a clue as to how it will go, the link produced is exactly the same one as they first sent me on Feb 7th & it had no mention of radium paint or background radiation measures then either.

The reports they have sent me do contain some informative stuff, but not necessarily informative on the questions raised.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The releases of radioactive materials per typical [Coal] plant can be calculated for any year. For the year 1982, assuming coal contains uranium and thorium concentrations of 1.3 ppm and 3.2 ppm, respectively, each typical plant released 5.2 tons of uranium (containing 74 pounds of uranium-235) and 12.8 tons of thorium that year. Total U.S. releases in 1982 (from 154 typical plants) amounted to 801 tons of uranium (containing 11,371 pounds of uranium-235) and 1971 tons of thorium. These figures account for only 74% of releases from combustion of coal from all sources. Releases in 1982 from worldwide combustion of 2800 million tons of coal totaled 3640 tons of uranium (containing 51,700 pounds of uranium-235) and 8960 tons of thorium.

...Thus, the population effective dose equivalent from coal plants is 100 times that from nuclear plants

Radioactive material is everywhere & if you dig stuff out of the ground you are going to dig up radioactives & if you burn it you are going to have smoke with radioactivity in it.

Indeed "the fly ash emitted by a power plant—a by-product from burning coal for electricity—carries into the surrounding environment 100 times more radiation than a nuclear power plant producing the same amount of energy." Here is a comparison of the amount of radioactive exposure we are subject to.

By this standard the exposure from coal burning plants will be another 10%.

Studies of radioactive radon in homes have been done & consistently found a small hormetic effect (smoking being a much larger masking effect for obvious reasons). Indeed they have been done repeatedly because they keep coming up with the same "wrong" answer. Clearly if the effect of radon is at least 550 times greater than that of nuclear power generation & 180 times greater than all the nuclear bombs ever tested & yet it is actually beneficial there is no possible case for saying commercial nuclear power, or even radioactivity from coal power is in any way harmful.

I also wrote here about radiationn hormesis a few days ago.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This article by Peter Hitchens is easily the best article I have seen on the subject. I'm not sure I share his regret of the passing of tribalism in politics & think a PR system would allow politicians to represent the voters without a simplistic 2 choices. Nonetheless if returning to that were the only way to get human beings rather than jobsworths in Parliament I would go with it:

"The real problem is that the whole nature of an MP's task and duties has changed as the adversarial party system has disappeared during the last 30 years. This is why MPs didn't grasp, until the public noticed, that they were doing anything wrong. They thought these things were the normal perks of their jobs.
Jobs? Yes, that is what they think they are. They even refer to politics as a 'profession' as if they were accountants, lawyers or doctors, whereas in fact it's a trade, learned on the job, like journalism, and a refuge for people who can't or won't submit to the discipline of a real profession.

...To some extent, any MP elected in the old days had to be a warrior of some kind, who had done battle in the conflict between Left and Right. In those days, the opposing armies of Labour and Tory were large, with mass memberships, busy social lives, regular meetings. You had to put in a lot of work in these legions before you came anywhere near a selection committee, and in most cases you would be in your 40s before such a committee would even look at you.

So by then you would have had to have had some sort of real job, perhaps brought up some children, paid your bills, run out of money, seen how others lived, led a strike, run a business, met a payroll, won a few court cases (or lost some) even fought in a war. Also, you would have come up through a party machine which was deeply distinct from the other side's. You were partisan out of duty, as much as anything else, and you recognised the almost impossible divide between you and the other lot. If you had any sympathy with them, you kept quiet about it. It was your job to be adversarial. There were people in the Labour Party who might have been at home in the Tories, and vice versa, but they were much rarer than such people are now, and they didn't tend to defect, or give comfort to the enemy.

In short, MPs were older, more experienced, more wedded to their political tribe, more conscious of why they were there and who had put them there, and either well-off on their own account or used to living at a reasonable level through their own efforts...

The new MP rapidly finds out that if he pleases the whips nice things happen to him. And if he displeases them, a life of miserable obscurity on tedious standing committees looms, quite possibly followed by nasty rumours about him in his constituency and an early, ignominious de-selection. Whips gather gossip and scandal, and use it, and many of them have not been above what might in other trafes be called intimidation. ...Someone barely out of his or her teens who's been nothing more than another MP's dogsbody, or a 'special adviser,' or a local government official, is likely to be a pushover. He's an employee of the executive, anxious to please. And, like all employees who have sold a large chunk of his integrity in return for a quiet life, he'll expect something back for it.

...the pay-off has to be made in a different way to those who can never hope to be ministers, or have had their turn and muffed it. And so the allowances have suited both a government which wanted compliant servants, and a new breed of MPs who saw politics as a career

Monday, May 11, 2009

"This House believes that technological advance threatens the individuality of man and is becoming his master"

As a person I rather like Prince Chuck. He tries to do what he considers his duty & he clearly cares about doing good. He could have just spent his time in debauchery. Instead when the Prime minister & the Archbishop of Canterbury told him he had to marry an upper class virgin, rather than Camilla, he went out & found the only one.

Nonetheless he has never been accused of being overendowed with brains & his opinions are mostly wrong. I think his politics can be deduced from this incident when he was at university in 1969:
in his maiden speech at Cambridge Union, he argued passionately in favour of the motion: "This House believes that technological advance threatens the individuality of man and is becoming his master." The motion "which may have been composed by the Prince, was carried by 214 votes to 184." In the early 1970s the Prince is said to have been profoundly influenced by the Club of Rome's Limits to Growth and by Fritz Schumacher's Small is Beautiful.
I doubt if Cambridge students would have voted, even by such a small margin, for this if they not known that to do otherwise would have been a slap in the face to him.

Once again we see how "Conservation" is a doctrine particularly attractive to the well off. Thus Plane stupid is full of hypocritical upper class parasites & Greenpeace of people who regret that they now let "barrowboys" into financial institutions.

It is an interesting inversion that the "left" have not only accepted this literally conservative group among their number but modified their beliefs to satisfy them. Lenin said "Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country." while now they will tell absolutely any discredited lie to stop nuclear & bring on the destruction of our electricity supply. his proves how totally intellectually bankrupt a movement which once stood for progress is. Whatever one says of Stalin his killings were intended to eventually give people a better life whereas the far greater number of killings by the "environmentalists" have been intended merely as "as good a way as any" to get rid of them.

I thank Environmentalism is Fascism for Charles' debate motion which is the complete & absolute opposite of what I believe & for the rest of his revealing article on the Royals. I believe techhnology has clearly enormously enhanced our life choices & removed the drudgry that people, well most people in most societies across history, lived under.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Having to decide who to support in the EU election I have had a look at UKIP's policies page. Here are MY COMMENTS

-UKIP will leave the political EU and trade globally and freely. We will re-embrace today’s fast-growing Commonwealth and we will encourage UK manufacturing so that we make things again. YES ON ALL POINTS

-We will freeze immigration for five years, speed up deportation of up to a million illegal immigrants by tripling the numbers engaged in deportations, and have ‘no home no visa’ work permits to ease the housing crisis. YES

-We will have a grammar school in every town. We will restore standards of education and improve skills training. Student grants will replace student loans. YES

-We will radically reform the working of the NHS with an Insurance Fund, whilst upholding the ‘free at the point of care’ principles. We will bring back matrons and have locally run, clean hospitals. YES

-We will give people the vote on policing priorities, go back to proper beat policing and scrap the Human Rights Act. We will have sentences that mean what they say. YES

-We will take 4.5 million people out of tax with a simple Flat Tax (with National Insurance) starting at £10,000. We will scrap Inheritance Tax, not just reform it and cut corporation taxes. YES, CUTTING CT WAS A PRIMARY 9% GROWTH PARTY POLICY, INDEED IT WAS OFFICIALLY THE REASON I WAS EXPELLED FROM THE LIBDEMS

-We will say No to green taxes and wind farms. To avert a major energy crisis, we will go for new nuclear power plants on the same existing site facilities and for clean coal. We will reduce pollution and encourage recycling. YES - PRIME 9% GROWTH PARTY POLICY AT THE SCOTTISH ELECTION TO WHICH ALL THE MAIN PARTIES WERE OPPOSED and THE SNP and LIBDEMS STILL ARE - WITHOUT THIS THE LIGHTS GO OUT

-We will make welfare simpler and fairer, introduce ‘workfare’ to get people back to work, and a new citizens pension and private pensions scheme insurance. NOT SURE IF A NEW PENSION SCHEME IS AFFORDABLE IN THE CURRENT ECONOMIC MESS BUT OTHERWISE YES

-We will support our armed forces with more spending on equipment, military homes and medical care. We will save our threatened warships and add 25,000 more troops. NO, WE CAN'T AFFORD MORE SPENDING ON ANYTHING JUST NOW & WHEN WE CAN WE SHOULD GO FOR NEW TECHNOLOGY RATHER THAN NUMBERS

-We will be fair to England, with an English Parliament of English MPs at Westminster. We will replace assembly members like MSPs with MPs. And we will promote referenda at local and national levels. NO RETAIN MSPs AND HOLYROOD BUT IF MPs WERE VOTED IN ON A DEMOCRATICALLY PROPORTIONAL SYSTEM THEY WOULD BE INTERCHANGEABLE. ENGLAND SHOULD HAVE A PARLIAMENT IF THEY WANT ONE

-We will make customer satisfaction number one for rail firms – not cost cutting and will look seriously at reopening some rail lines that Beeching closed. We will make foreign lorries pay for British roads with a 'Britdisc’ – and we will stop persecuting motorists. BEST WAY OF SUPPORTING RAILWAYS WOULD BE OUR POLICY OF FULLY AUTOMATING THEM. THE POLITICALLY CORRECT HATRED OF MOTORISTS IS SERIOUSLY DAMAGING OUR ECONOMY

-Last, but never least, we will bring in fair prices and fair competition for our suffering farmers, and restore traditional British fishing and territorial waters. FREE TRADE WITHOUT EU RESTRICTIONS WOULD SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE FOOD PRICES TO THE CONSUMER & FREE FARMERS FROM THE GOVERNMENT FARMING REGULATORS (A CLASS WHICH CONTAINS MORE PEOPLE THAN THERE ARE FARMERS.


The EU’s Enterprise Commissioner Gunther Verheugen said in an interview with the FT this week (OCT 2006) that EU legislation now costs European business €600 (£405 billion) a year, on the basis of a new evaluation of the administrative costs of red tape.

That is equivalent to £70 billion in Britain alone now or £2,500 from every wage packet in the country. The official figures of actual cash handed over are on top of that. Expect this fact to remain unmentioned by the BBC and most parties, particularly LABOUR and LIBDEMS who made a Manifesto Promise that we would get a vote on the constitutional treaty and as soon as the election was over cynically broke it

It is impossible for anyone with the slightest self respect to vote for people we know to be corrupt lying war criminals who clearly have no respect for those who voted for them.

And UKIP don't lie about the Catastrophic Global Warming we are all allegedly suffering from like the rest of the tax increasing leeches.

Illegitimi non carborundum

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