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Monday, May 11, 2009

"This House believes that technological advance threatens the individuality of man and is becoming his master"

As a person I rather like Prince Chuck. He tries to do what he considers his duty & he clearly cares about doing good. He could have just spent his time in debauchery. Instead when the Prime minister & the Archbishop of Canterbury told him he had to marry an upper class virgin, rather than Camilla, he went out & found the only one.

Nonetheless he has never been accused of being overendowed with brains & his opinions are mostly wrong. I think his politics can be deduced from this incident when he was at university in 1969:
in his maiden speech at Cambridge Union, he argued passionately in favour of the motion: "This House believes that technological advance threatens the individuality of man and is becoming his master." The motion "which may have been composed by the Prince, was carried by 214 votes to 184." In the early 1970s the Prince is said to have been profoundly influenced by the Club of Rome's Limits to Growth and by Fritz Schumacher's Small is Beautiful.
I doubt if Cambridge students would have voted, even by such a small margin, for this if they not known that to do otherwise would have been a slap in the face to him.

Once again we see how "Conservation" is a doctrine particularly attractive to the well off. Thus Plane stupid is full of hypocritical upper class parasites & Greenpeace of people who regret that they now let "barrowboys" into financial institutions.

It is an interesting inversion that the "left" have not only accepted this literally conservative group among their number but modified their beliefs to satisfy them. Lenin said "Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country." while now they will tell absolutely any discredited lie to stop nuclear & bring on the destruction of our electricity supply. his proves how totally intellectually bankrupt a movement which once stood for progress is. Whatever one says of Stalin his killings were intended to eventually give people a better life whereas the far greater number of killings by the "environmentalists" have been intended merely as "as good a way as any" to get rid of them.

I thank Environmentalism is Fascism for Charles' debate motion which is the complete & absolute opposite of what I believe & for the rest of his revealing article on the Royals. I believe techhnology has clearly enormously enhanced our life choices & removed the drudgry that people, well most people in most societies across history, lived under.

One of the best videos I ever saw on TV was of the French Navy torpedoing a Greenpeace boat that was obstructing a nuclear test.

The Greenpeace boat even had a proper liberal name: Rainbow Warrior.

Good riddance.
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