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Saturday, May 16, 2009


The Tony Blair Faith Foundation is currently recruiting for an Education Manager, reporting to the Director of Education, primarily to manage the development and delivery of the "Faith & Globalisation" courses by universities around the world.

The role will involve development of the programme of "Faith and Globalisation" courses at world-class universities, and associated activities. Key duties will include the management of relationships with key stakeholders, project partners and potential and current funders, plus representing the Foundation in private meetings and at public events where appropriate. The role will also involve assistance in the development of educational products, whether they be university related, or otherwise specified as by the Director of Education.
AKA spindoctor.

Top news item on his charitable site. 2nd comes how much Bliar is doing to support World Malaria Week - an organisation using pictures of big eyed children to raise money to "fight" malaria. To do so it will "blanket Africa with mosquito nets, effective medicine and targeted spraying". Malaria kills about 1.5 million a year & they are mainly big eyed African children. This figure is up from 50,000 half a century ago because of the effective banning of DDT & could again be reduced to that level quickly if widespread DDT spraying were allowed again. As you can see "targeted" spraying, ie limited & probably using less effective though more effective chemicals, is literally the last thing they intend to do. So Malaria No More is a fake charity in a different sense from the government lobbyists who claim to be charities. Of course the whole ecofascist campaign against DDT, which has killed more people than Hitler is wholly fraudulent, the stuff having never been shown to be damaging to humans & the alleged evidence of it harming birds having been completely discredited, but that would only matter if the purpose of this charity was to do good rather than to raise money & allow the likes of Bliar to pose.

On a previous occasion I suggested, sarcastically, that when he retired he would set up "The Blair Institute for International Niceness & Big Eyed Children, HQ a luxurious castle in Tuscany, funded by George Soros & the Morgan Foundation.(Jn 20-11.59)" That is not quite the name but pretty close. Pass the sick bag

Meanwhile he remains guilty of genocide, child rape war crimes & as we now know dissecting people, while alive, to steal their body organs.

And as the MP's expenses scandal continues the iceberg under the water of this scandal is the amount MPs & top civil servants pick up from people they helped after they retire. Blair quit his seat so that he would no longer have to declare members interests & has since trousered millions, probably 10s of millions.(post 12)

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