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Saturday, January 03, 2009


A letter from the Crown Prosecution Service to lawyers for Greenpeace reveals that the Attorney-General is close to referring the case of the Kingsnorth Six to the Court of Appeal in an effort to remove the defence of ‘lawful excuse' from activists.

The Kingsnorth Six faced a charge of criminal damage at Maidstone crown court in September. A year earlier the Greenpeace volunteers had entered Kingsnorth coal-fired power station in Kent before scaling the chimney, closing the station and painting Gordon Brown's name down the smokestack.

If so Baroness Scotland ( will be behaving with rare integrity. I previously reported on how I reported a case of mass murder to her which she clearly decided should not be investigated because the murderers are her cabinet colleagues. A previous F0I decision that the public should not only not be allowed to know what the advice of the AG on whether our most important recent war was criminal or not but that we were not even to be allowed to know if the AG had even been asked, also reinforces the conclusion that our senior law officers are merely corrupt political poodles. Or perhaps it is just that even our government recognise that giving the eco-fascists the right to attack our electricity suppliers is potentially infinitely damaging.

I wrote before on this & said that the jury's decision was understandable in light of the alleged "prosecution's" decision to give the great & evil of the eco-fascist movement not only a lot of time to say how important this vandalism was but, more importantly, prevent any defence involving warming scepticism.

I have also written about how James Hansen's witness statement "....What has changed recently is the steady global warming, at a rate of about 0.2°C per decade" was clear perjury (as were some other things he said though, to be fair to him, most of it was merely tendentious & subjective theorising).

I very much hope that if the AG does indeed decide to take this injustice back to court some authoritative sceptical scientists offer to testify. I think it unlikely that such an offer could be refused & have little doubt that in any serious investigation carried out under legal rules, as in Gerald Monckton's case against Gore's lying film, the result would would be a humiliation for the alarmists. It would also be worthwhile seeing Hansen & perhaps others, explaining how previous testimony wasn't really prejured.

If so Kingsnorth could turn out to be a trap for the alarmists of their own making.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


A couple of days ago we went to the pantomime - Mother Goose at the Hackney Empire. During the performance the dame apologised that, unlike previous years she/he was not going to be able to throw sweets to the audience because the Health & Safety Executive wouldn't allow it. No actual booing of the health fascists but there was a sotto voce grumble.

I have previously objected to the way these parasites are damaging our economy by costing the equivalent of 4 million man years annually & to the way they stop us having the advanced architectural technology that countries like China have.

The newspaper account of this makes no mention of anybody ever having been injured in such an improbable manner so it seems this is purely the health fascists regulating things for the purpose of hiring more fascist parasites, which according to Pournelle's Law is the primary purpose of government.

Since the early 20th century pantomime characters - usually the Dame - have thrown sweets to children in the audience as a Christmas treat.

Not content with causing the recession these leeches want even to destroy our most harmless (if rather silly) cultural traditions. These same fascists murder 24,000 pensioners a year.

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