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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


A couple of days ago we went to the pantomime - Mother Goose at the Hackney Empire. During the performance the dame apologised that, unlike previous years she/he was not going to be able to throw sweets to the audience because the Health & Safety Executive wouldn't allow it. No actual booing of the health fascists but there was a sotto voce grumble.

I have previously objected to the way these parasites are damaging our economy by costing the equivalent of 4 million man years annually & to the way they stop us having the advanced architectural technology that countries like China have.

The newspaper account of this makes no mention of anybody ever having been injured in such an improbable manner so it seems this is purely the health fascists regulating things for the purpose of hiring more fascist parasites, which according to Pournelle's Law is the primary purpose of government.

Since the early 20th century pantomime characters - usually the Dame - have thrown sweets to children in the audience as a Christmas treat.

Not content with causing the recession these leeches want even to destroy our most harmless (if rather silly) cultural traditions. These same fascists murder 24,000 pensioners a year.

Hi Neil;


PIss off now.
It would be wrong of me to say that all members of the fascist/luddite movements & employess of the H&S Executive are quite this moronio.

On the other hand they do see to be bereft of more intelligent things to say.

(Normally I wouldn't publish this crap but Dan does make my point so well :-)
Sorry, that wasn't a constructive comment, and If I could withdraw it I will.
Actually it turns out Dan is a Hamas supporter I annoyed by commenting on Neil Clark's blog. Not to worry I am sure he is a Luddite & health fascist too.
The real cost of ignoring safe working practice is here:

Death vessel firm fined £500,000

Eight people lost their lives when the Bourbon Dolphin capsized. A Norwegian firm has been fined 5m kroner - almost £500,000 - after one of its vessels capsized off the coast of Scotland, with the loss of eight lives. The Bourbon Dolphin sank off Shetland in April 2007.

Norway's national prosecutor said the new captain had not been given enough time to learn about the crew and ship, as he only had 90 minutes to take over.


And here

Rig tragedy vessel 'not suitable'

An official report published in Norway highlights a combination of factors. It cites weaknesses in the vessel design and failures in safety procedures by the company, the operator and on the rig itself. Eight people died, including the captain's 14-year-old son, when the vessel capsized.

Neil Craig said...

It would be wrong of me to say that all members of the fascist/luddite movements & employess of the H&S Executive are quite this moronic.

Here in the US it seems that every Democrat is either working for the state or is collecting welfare. I know that not all of them are taking money out of my check, but it does seem as if the Democratic party itself is financed by the state.
My understanding is that A LOT of money for the Democrats & a significant amount from the Republicans comes from lawyer's firms. Such people are not normally considered welfare recipients but a lot of their incomes comes from there being too many laws or ones open to multiple interpretations. The amount of collateral damage to the economy caused by 1 lawyer getting $150,000 is probably several times that caused by 10 normal welfare recipients getting $15,000 each.
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