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Thursday, July 03, 2008


Ewan Watt sent me this

Naser Oric, has had his war crimes conviction quashed by the UN tribunal in The Hague.

He was convicted of failing to prevent men under his command killing and mistreating six Bosnian Serb prisoners.

His alleged crimes took place well before the 1995 Bosnian Serb massacre of nearly 8,000 Srebrenica Muslims.

Between 1992 and 1993 he commanded troops who allegedly destroyed 50 Serb villages, causing thousands to flee.

.....was convicted two years ago but given a two-year sentence - much less than that demanded by the prosecution.

He was ordered to be immediately release because of time he had already spent in custody.

It doesn't get him out of prison since he was in fact let off 2 years ago with time served. What it may do, since anybody charged with war crimes is automatically disbarred from politics is to allow him to give up his day job of running a "nightclub" (probably a the sort of sex slave brothel Paddy Ashdown was so supportive of) & get officially into politics.

What it proves is the NATO controlled & funded "court" has decided to dispense with even its token appearance of being uncorrupt or in any way interested in justice.

Note that Oric was not charged with the genocide in these villages which the BBC, with characteristic dishonesty, describes as "causing thousands to flee" when what actually happened is that at least 3,800 identified Serbs were murdered. Oric subsequently showed journalists videos from his extensive home video collection of him beheading men, women & children, though mainly women & children since most of the men were in the army. The Nazis of NATO have used the Srebrenica Massacre lie as racist propaganda. The only real "evidence" it ever took place is the bodies of about half of the 3,800 Serbs murdered by Oric - reclassified as Moslems though it would almost certainly be possible to prove which community they were actually from using modern DNA tests. Thus they cannot allow any "trial" which would produce evidence the that these bodies are indeed Serbs

According to Google News coverage of this obscenity is limited in Britain to this BBC online news & something from Earth Times.

Meanwhile numerous people who are clearly innocent have been given what amounts to life sentences. In particular I have previously mentioned Fikret Abdic the most popular Bosnian Moslem leader serving a 20 year term for opposing the al Quaeda press gangs in his native Bihac province. Abdic has become, in the western media, as much an unperson as anybody in Orwell's' book. It has been proven that no major newspaper in Britain or the US will publish a letter pointing out this injustice.. By all normal standards Abdic is the sort of moderate, pro-market, anti-Al Quaeda Moslem we are calling for to stand up & be counted. He is the one leader who is trusted by members of all communities in Bosnia, indeed the one Moslem not tainted by support of genocide. If the NATO Nazis had ever had any intention of creating a Bosnian "nation" rather than a colony he is the figurehead they would have needed. Instead they have chosen Oric & genocide.

The issue of the Islamofascist movement led by Izetbegovic raises major issues because the so called "Left" of SWOP, WSWS and Stalinist groups are in the game of supporting Islam. The Stop the War movement is full of this kind of pro Islamofascist sentiment. It is also what lies behind the antisemitic hatred of Israel on this so-called "Left" which is all too prevalent.

This isue of Oric and Abdic is of great importance. In an article I published yesterday I raise some points about how to proceed on this issue.
I quote from a lengthy argument:

" personally have been reading over the past few days some of the material surrounding this issue of Srebrenica. I want now to urge socialist revolutionaries, that is Trotskyists, to have a major rethink in order to develop a proper perspective on the issue of what happened in Yugoslavia.

My starting point is that Imperialism (as the highest stage of capitalism) has entered its death agony. It is a corrupt rotting system which Trotsky referred to as being in its “death agony”. What happened in Yugoslavia is vital to understand in this context. Political low lifes like Kamm and Hoare do no more than represent this terminal diseased system of capitalism. The same goes for Gutman, O’Kane, Marshall, Vulliamy et al who ran to the assistance of Clinton and Blair in order to jointly destroy Yugoslavia. These essentially are diseased people, representing a diseased system. Such that in reading for example O’Kane one searches in vain for a verifiable source, there are the words of this Serb sitting in the back seat of a car spounting to her somewhere near Sarajevo(He could be anybody) or an unidentified Muslim Woman in another context claiming wholesale rape by Serbs.

These people that we meet in this story of vilification against the Serbs are the representatives of a system on its very last legs. A corrupt, decrepid, depraved but essentially a dying system!

It is necessary for the revolutionary socialist movement to answer this charge that the Serbs murdered 8000 in Srebrenica. But the first part of the answer is undoubtedly a bold assertion that the Serbs murdered nobody.

And this as a result of my reading I see a major break between us, the Trotskyists of today, and the people like Harman and Chomsky plus many others who appear to be on the side of the Serbs and against the liars like Hoare and Kamm."
Thank you. The Srbrenica Massacre seems to be the most successful contemporary example of Goebbel's teaching that the public will more easily fall for a "big lie" than a more ordinary one - at least I hope there aren't worse.

Nobody finds it easy to believe their government & media are so corrupt as to invent such a thing which is what Goebbels & successors depend on.

As I said it should now be possible to identify the bodies by ethnic origin. This is yet another & unexpected case where my other hobbyhorse on here - that improved technology is the answer to most problems - proves itself. DNA forensics was not nearly as well advanced back then & this could not have been foreseen.

The refusal of the Nazi powers & their paid "court" to allow such testing shows not merely that the Serbs are innocent but that all those on the NATO side know they are.

In response it is well proven that there is much vagueness about bodies etc and that is the way that the US and EU Imperialists and their Islamist and Nazi Tudjman Fascists need to keep it, that is for certain.

The position which I argue in the article I referred to in comment 1 is that our position on 4international is that the Serbs at Sebrenica did not create a massacre or engage in any murder. This was a war and a battle. Kamm and Hoare have produced not one scrap of evidence to prove even one murder by the Serb army.

I say let Kamm and Hoare and others back up their claim with evidence.

I wrote:

"We on 4international do not accept the truth of any aspect of this so-called “massacre”. Neither the Media, neither Chomsky and Herman, not Kamm and Hoare, have ever produced one piece of proof that the Serbs murdered in cold blood a single Muslim in Srebrenica.

But our difference with Herman goes even further than on this issue. Herman says that there WAS a massacre. So does Chomsky. He thus offers to his opponent Kamm game set and match. Our position is one of total opposition to Imperialism. This whole Srebrenica fraud was at the centre of the strategy of Imperialism. Our position to the likes of Kamm is one of total and complete hostility. We say to Kamm, you say there is a massacre by the Serbs in that town, then you bloody well either produce your evidence or shut up. We will agitate in the mass movement without giving Kamm an inch. Kamm represents the sordid and crisis ridden imperialist system and as such the best way to treat Kamm is with total contempt. Our approach is very different to Herman, has been and always will be.

The most that Herman claims is that the Islamofascists in Srebrenica aided and abetted by the UN went out at night from their layers and ever a number of years murdered thousands of Serb peasants in their homesteads. That being proved, and it is very well proved even from the very mouth of the murdering Muslim Fascist Oric himself, Herman then goes on to extrapolate that the Serb army on retaking Srebrenica must be vengeful. And being vengeful they carried out “executions”.

He and Chomsky makes these allegations without the slightest bit of evidence. They have no evidence.

This is the methodology that has done so much damage. It is the methodology of Charles Enderlin in the El Durra France 2 case. It is even the method of O’Kane and was of Marshall and Vulliamy too! It is very wrong to make allegations without having proof. In the Madeleine McCann case the Portuguese proto fascist police force declared the parents of the little girl as “suspects” without the slightest morsel of evidence. This “method” is widespread."

I want to push this further. There can be no truth, and there can be no successful use of technology either, within a capitalist and imperialist system which is in its death agony.

Quite the opposite. It must rule by the Big Lie. And it must use modern science, technology and the genius of man in science in a depraved fashion.

Just as science did come to the aid of the Nazis in the early 40s as they sought for a method to kill all of living Jewry.

Still, can you tell me, or refer me to posts of yours, which deal with their arguments against using DNA in the case of the bodies found in villages around Srebrenica.

Has any single blog in Britain taken this up apart from yourself?
The article on detecting ethnicity by DNA is

The failure to test the bodies for DNA at all (even the simplest test would say if theses "soldiers" were men or women) is




the refusal to test bodies of the Dragodan massacre in Kosovo

I do not know of any other blog that has reported on the ability to determine ethnicity by DNA wrt Srebrenica & since it is based on fairly recent developments I doubt there is. I did send a copy to the ICTY but received no reply.

I disagree about science being on the other side. GOOD science isn't (or if I find it is then I should rethink my position). That science can be perverted by those in charge is undeniable & have written here repeatedly on how the alleged scientific consensus is faked & of the genuine bravery of the many scientists who, on this & other frauds, have held to the scientific method despite pressure.

My neilsindex at the top of the links is not yet completed but may be useful.
I find I also sent a press release of the blog article to the undernoted media as well. So far as I know none of them were concerned:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

plus a number of MPs
Hi Neil! Long time no hear as they say!

How about adding the following to your blogroll

On this blog Felix Quigley deals with topics relating to the defense of Jews and Serbs against the Islamofascists & Nazis sponsored by the governments of the US, EU & NATO & protected by the Western corporate mass media.

He also demolishes the pro-Izetbegovic/pro-Tudjman Nazi lies of British World War 2 revisionist historian of Croat descent, Marko Attila Hoare, the British merchant banker and London Times columnist, Oliver Kamm and the British pro-Izetbegovic/pro-Tudjman website where both spout their anti-Serbian/anti-Jewish lies: "Harry's Place".

I also very strongly recommend you add


Here are some outstanding articles from the Byzantine Sacred Art blog you should consider posting the links to:

Get Your Barf Bags Ready: Clinton Secretary of State had her Own Secretive Trysts [with KLA leader, Hashim "the Snake" Thaci]

By Wayne Madsen, Online Journal

Former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, an adviser to the Barack Obama campaign and godmother of chief Obama foreign policy adviser Dr. Susan Rice, carried on an affair with Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci in a flagrant abuse of her office. WMR has received further confirmation from well-placed sources in Croatia, Serbia, and Kosovo that Albright had Thaci at her virtual beck and call for sexual encounters. Thaci was in his late 20s and early 30s when he was having the affair with Albright, who was in her sixties at the time.

On December 10, 2007, WMR reported: “It is rumored that during negotiations on Kosovo in Rambouillet, France in 2000, [Secretary of State Madeleine] Albright had more than a diplomatic interest in Thaci, who was then 31. Thaci is to become the Prime Minister of Kosovo. The New York Daily News reported that when Albright walked into the hotel room of the Albanian delegation in Rambouillet at midnight, one Albanian told her to ‘go away’ and come back in five minutes. The Albanians thought Albright was a hotel cleaning lady. Albright reportedly exploded in rage and hurled explicit language at the Albanians.”

On February 17, 2008, WMR reported: “WMR has learned from sources who were in Kosovo at the time that Thaci was Albright’s virtual ‘toy boy’ and a frequent sex partner.”

Thaci’s close relationship with Albright allowed him to press Washington during both the Clinton and Bush administrations to support Kosovo’s independence cause. Currently, Kosovo, recognized by the United States, Britain, France, and other countries, but diplomatically shunned by Russia, China, Greece, Spain, and other nations worried about their own secessionist movements, has become a major center for the drug, cigarette, and weapons smuggling business, as well as human trafficking for purposes of prostitution. The ersatz nation, led by Thaci’s former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) cronies, many of whom had close links to Osama Bin Laden’s “Al Qaeda” units in Kosovo, Macedonia, and Bosnia, is protected by an American military force with a major base at Camp Bondsteel.

Kosovo also represents another example of the nexus between the Russian-Israeli Mafia, which operates quite freely in Kosovo, and elements linked to “Al Qaeda,” including Chechen guerrillas. Arch neocon Richard Perle was a major supporter of Kosovo’s independence and the KLA leadership as was retired General Wesley Clark, another informal foreign policy adviser to Obama.

Albright’s Eastern European lineage -- she was born Marie Jana Korbelová in Prague to Czech parents -- was often seen by foreign policy experts in the State Department as clouding her judgment on dealing with the Balkans crisis. However, additional confirmation that Albright was having sexual trysts with the leader of the KLA, despised as a terrorist by Serbia, made her untrustworthy to Belgrade and a laughing stock throughout the Balkans and the rest of Europe, according to French and German intelligence sources with whom WMR spoke.

Now we finally know what's Thaci The Snake talking about when he says that KLA sacrificed a lot to steal Kosovo-Metohija province from Serbia.

Srebrenica Serbs

Bosnian Serb girl cleans the grave of her family member at the cemetery where the remains of Srebrenica Serbs are buried.

Srebrenica Serbs Mourn Alone

On Saturday, Bosnian Serbs have again gathered to commemorate more than 3,500 Srebrenica Serbs massacred by Naser Oric's mujahedins stationed in the UN "safe haven" during the Bosnian civil war (1992-1995).

Unlike the day before, July 11th, when the world descends on Srebrenica to collectively mourn Bosnian jihadists who lost their lives during the battle for Srebrenica (July 1995), the butchery of Bosnian Serb civilians -- women, children and elderly from Srebrenica and surrounding villages -- went by, this year yet again, without the thunderous expressions of the righteous indignation by the Western ambassadors serving in Bosnia-Herzegovina, without the EU High Representative's moving and thoughtful speeches, without the foreign reporters and photographers hunting the most heart wrenching expression of grief, without the eclectic mix of obscure celebrities and Hollywood stars, eager to show their "human side" to the world, while straining to look pretty under the Muslim head coverings, in the midst of bellowing praises to Allah and ritualistic animal slaughter.

This year's commemoration of the victims of Oric's cutthroats and the tragedy of the Serbian people in this region was additionally burdened by the fact that the appellation board of the Hague tribunal had acquitted the only man thus far accused by the Hague for the genocidal crimes against Srebrenica Serbs, Naser Oric.

Hollywood actress Mia Farrow joins Muslim prayers for the Bosnian mujahedins killed in the battle for Srebrenica. July 11, 2007, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Oric Convicts The Hague
"The acquittal of the Bosnian Muslim war criminal Naser Oric is yet another proof of the Hague tribunal's bias, which only confirms the necessity to urgently realize already adopted strategy of terminating this court's activities," Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on Friday.

"Oric acquittal fully demonstrates the contempt and lack of objectivity toward one side involved in the conflict and obeisance towards the other participants in the conflicts in former Yugoslavia. It exemplifies the substitution of the judiciary with executing the political diktat," said Andrei Nesterenko, Russian Foreign Ministry official, reminding that Oric organized and participated in the massacres of more than 3,500 Bosnian Serb civilians in Srebrenica municipality, during the Bosnian civil war, from 1992-1995.

"The Hague tribunal has not only failed to tighten and correct the incredibly lenient conviction [two years imprisonment, delivered in the summer of 2006], instead, it completely exonerated the accused! Another puzzling fact is that the Office of the Bosnian High Representative, directly involved in the process of 'Srebrenica reconciliation', this time chose to stay silent, even though Oric did not surrender to the Hague voluntarily, but was arrested and transported to the Hague by the international forces," Nesterenko stressed.

"Russia will insist on shutting the Hague tribunal down, since it had demonstrated the utter lack of objectivity", Sergei Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs said.

July 11, 2008

Srebrenica Myth

"Those mourned in Potocari [Srebrenica Muslim cemetery] are the ones who torched hundreds of Serbian villages and killed thousands of Serbian civilians": Parade of 10,000 strong unit of Bosnian mujahedins in Zenica during the Bosnian civil war.

Thirteen Years Later, Srebrenica Muslims are Still 5,000 Bodies Short

Thirteen years after the alleged "genocide" against Bosnian Muslims in the town of Srebrenica, a UN "safe-haven" Muslim war criminal Naser Oric was using as a base for his 28th mujahedin division, from which he organized murderous raids on surrounding Serbian villages during the entire Bosnian civil war (1992-1995), Bosnian Muslims have yet to present to the world the actual remains of those 7,000-8,000 Muslim fighters they keep mourning in front of the cameras since July 1995.

Furthermore, they are expected to prove to the world that these "Muslim men and boys" were not killed in a battle for the town of Srebrenica, which would be a normal part of any war, however unfortunate, but "executed in cold blood".

Thus far, however, the number of those buried as the Muslim Srebrenica victims is 3, 214 -- nowhere near the magical number of the 8,000 mourned. Moreover, it was discovered that almost 1,000 Srebrenica Muslims of those 3,000 alleged victims of "Srebrenica massacre" which, allegedly, took place in July 1995, have died long before Srebrenica takeover, even before 1994. Digging up and reburying the same remains doesn't really help when it comes to cold, hard facts.

And, thirteen years later, Bosnian Muslims are still "searching for the remains" of another 5,000 Muslim fighters. Where could they be? Where could one find another 5,000 bodies, when the entire Western world and all the Muslims in the world, had spent 13 long years after the war, digging the whole Bosnia inside-out, looking under every rock and turning every stone to find even a fingertip that once rested on a Bosnian Muslim hand?

A normal legal practice adopted throughout the world says that no one can be charged with murder if there is no proof that the crime was indeed committed. If there is no body, and no remains of the body, there is no crime. So, how can the Bosnian Serb Army be accused of killing 8,000 Muslim men when the remains of 5,000 of them are nowhere to be found, thirteen years later?

Many Sheitans will Show Up Today
The ritual annual gathering of Bosnian Muslims in Potocari, near Srebrenica, is seen as a cynical display of Bosnian Muslim hypocrisy by Milivoj Ivanisevic, Director of the Center for research of the crimes against the Serbian people and a member of the Republic of Srpska Senate.

"Those buried in Potocari are the ones who have torched hundreds of Serbian villages and killed thousands of Serbian civilians. While at it, they have plundered all the property from the Serbian houses -- what they couldn't take with them, they burned. And now, their accomplices are coming to bow down to them, to honor their crimes, and to pledge that they will continue the monstrosities," Ivanisevic said, commenting today's ritualistic observances at the Muslim cemetery near Srebrenica.

Oric's butcher proudly poses over the massacred Bosnian Serbs
He added that there are no civilian victims buried in the Muslim Srebrenica memorial and that, thus far, only a single body of a Muslim woman was found in and around Srebrenica.

"Children and women are not among the Muslim Srebrenica victims. If their victims consisted of mostly women and children, then the Muslims could speak about a genocide. Wolfgang Petric and Paddy Ashdown have replaced their imams and built their mezars, to create an impression in the world of many Muslims being killed in Srebrenica. Bosnian Muslims were also given a memorial in Europe, their own Mecca and Medina, like our Jasenovac and the Jewish Auschwitz. They haven't picked the 11th of July by coincidence, because on that day not a single Muslim had lost his life. They have done this only in order to spite and ridicule the Serbs on the eve of the bloody St. Peter's Day [July 12, when Bosnian Serbs commemorate victims of Oric's mujahedins]," Ivanisevic said.

He warned of the possibility that Naser Oric, Srebrenica cutthroat recently proclaimed innocent by the Hague, might show up personally in Potocari on July 11, as he announced.

"All sorts of vampires will show up or, as the Muslims say, the sheitans. Our police should arrest him, just like the Jews are arresting Nazis throughout the globe. We didn't have a single trial to Muslim war criminals in Belgrade, even though countless Sandzaklies [Raska Muslims in Serbia] have been raising hell through Bosnia-Herzegovina during the war", Ivanisevic reminds.

What Led to Srebrenica Takeover is at Least Equally Important
Miroslav Toholj, former Republic of Srpska Information Minister, said that the myth about the alleged Srebrenica Muslim victims was purposely built and kept alive.

"Double standards' is a too gentle term. It is a euphemism for the notorious falsification of the facts regarding the war in Podrinje. Apart from determining the actual facts about the Bosnian Muslim fighters who lost their lives during Srebrenica takeover, it is equally important to determine and acknowledge the facts about the suffering of Serbs in this region, which forced the Bosnian Serb Army to take the town over", Toholj said.

Survivors of Christmas Massacre in Kravica will Not Allow Any Muslim Gatherings
Ahead of tomorrow's commemoration of over 3,500 of Bosnian Serb civilians who were massacred by Oric's mujahedins in Srebrenica municipality, members of the Bratunac Municipal Board (Republic of Srpska) have announced their decision not to allow the gathering of the Bosnian Muslims on July 15 in the village of Kravica, where Bosnian Muslims planned to hold the religious ceremony and "the history lesson" on the 13th year anniversary of Srebrenica takeover.

The Board members requested from the Muslim organizer to exclude that, most provocative part of their program, since it could cause an inter-ethnic incident in Kravica. They requested from the police to ban the gathering.

Bosnian Serb residents of the village Kravica, who have survived the Christmas 1993 massacre by the Naser Oric hordes, have warned that they will not allow any Muslim gatherings in their village.

July 10, 2008

Hague has Failed

Bratunac Memorial, where the remains of 3,300 Bosnian Serbs from Srebrenica and surrounding villages, slaughtered by Naser Oric's mujahedeens stationed in Srebrenica during the war, are buried. No one has been convicted for this genocidal crime. Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Hague Failure

Serbian war crimes prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic said yesterday that the Hague tribunal, as "one of the most controversial institutions, disputed by the politicians, by the experts, by the judiciary, by the accused and by the victims, two years ahead of its closure, has failed to achieve the satisfactory result."

According to Vukcevic, it is difficult to give any positive assessment of the Hague tribunal's work after the shameful acquittals of Bosnian Muslim war criminal Naser Oric and Kosovo Albanian war criminal Ramush Haradinaj.

"Haradinaj procured his acquittal through the liquidation of the witnesses. Two eyewitnesses, one indirect witness and six potential witnesses to his crimes were killed. In the case against Haradinaj, the Hague council of judges had clearly pointed to these 'problems' in presenting the evidence but, in my opinion, they have tolerated this scandal through their decisions," Serbian state prosecutor said.

He reminded that in the case against Oric, the horrific war crimes against the Bosnian Serb population in Srebrenica and the surrounding villages were acknowledged, but none of the perpetrators mentioned in the pre-trial sessions in the Hague and locally have been indicted or processed.

"So, we have the war crimes, we have the victims, but there is no punishment. As a prosecutor, I have a very hard time accepting this. It is not easy to stave off the sickening feeling and the fact that the victims have been victimized once again," Vukcevic concluded.

Oric's Acquittal — The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back
Russia stated today that due to the Hague tribunal's obvious bias, its activities should be terminated as soon as possible. Russia's stand was reinforced by the Hague's appellation board overturning the tribunal's verdict in the case against Bosnian Muslim war criminal Naser Oric.

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that in the case against the Srebrenica warlord and commander of the Muslim troops stationed in Srebrenica, whose conviction the appellation board of the tribunal overturned, the Hague had fully demonstrated its blatant bias.

"Tribunal's decision merely confirms the necessity to urgently realize the already approved strategy of terminating the activities of this court", Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry stated.
Thanks Peter
I have added Felix' blog as i should have (he has as you can see already commented here). I also added Julia's & will look it over. The Byzantine blog is already up under the name Byzantine blog (Serbian) - I assume he started it under the name subject & interest drifted towards the Yugoslav wars but I find the full name unenlightening.
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