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Monday, February 14, 2005


This is another letter I did in reply to an article on Milosevic. I have "milosevic trial" on Google News as on my favourites list so I get a lot of repedative stuff (when you see 30 entries for articles around the world which are word for word the same, though a couple of headlines may be changed, you can see how independent the world's media is. Anyway this article appeared in the Jewish World Review saying the usual lies about Milosevic so I sent the undernoted letter to them.

Naturally they didn't print it.

Then I noticed the author had also sold it to the San Francisco Chronicle.

They aren't interested in dissenting views either.

Because it was originally aimed at a Jewish mag I have used Jewish sources & concerns to refute the case. As I believe I said elsewhere I have written letters on a number of controversial subjects which have a very high publication rate. Only on Yugoslavia is it quite clear that inconvenient facts will virtually never get published (even when I got published it has tended to be when I slip it in as part of another discussion):

Dear Editor,
The situation regarding the ex-Yugoslav wars is much less one sided than Ms Saunders believes or the Nato funded war crimes court pretends to believe.

If she thinks that the Serbs are getting off easily she should look at their enemies. Although, after their deaths, the "court" announced that there had been a case against both Croatia's Tudjman & the Bosnian fundamentalist Moslem leader Izetbegovic no attempt to indict them was ever made. Izetbegovic was on record prior to the war as calling for the genocide of all Bosnia's non moslem communities (not surprising since he was a former auxiliary in Hitler's SS). PR company Ruder & Finn may have sold Tudjman to various Jewish organisations but it is a matter of record that he believed that "genocide is commanded by the word of the Almighty to spread the one true Faith (ie Catholicism)" & that "Hitler's new European order can be justified by the need to be rid of the Jews". The genocide & start of the ethnic cleansing of 560,000 Serbs living in in territory claimed by Croatia was the first such act in those wars according to the Weisenthal Centre.

As regards the Srebrinica affair there is considerable evidence that the bodies are not those of moslem soldiers but of Serb civilians & children. The bodies were found near villages where it is undeniable that the moslem commander of Srebrinica, Nasir Oric, engaged in such massacres, because he showed western journalists videos of his killings from his extensive home video collection. Oric is currently awaiting trial, not for genocide, but for removing the teeth of Serb men without anaesthetics. Regretably western reporting has been extremely one sided. For example no UK newspaper reported the newsworthy statement of Lord Owen, author of the Vanc-Owen plan, that Milsevic was the "only leader who consistently supported peace" & a man to whom "any form of racism is anathema" on oath during Milosevic's "trial".

Not all victims of the "trials" are Serb. "The only moslem leader interested in peace" (Owen) & the only leader whose support crossed ethnic lines Fikret Abdic, who took up arms against the al Quaeda forces supplied to Izetbegovic, is currently serving 20 years. He was convicted, with western help in a Croatian Nazi court in a manner which brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Nazi War Crimes trial". Of course, by the precedent of Nuremberg, planning an aggressive war is a war crime but the Nato funded "court" have not investigated who started the Kosovo war.
Yours Faithfully
Neil Craig

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