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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The science of DNA identification is advancing fast as a new paper in Nature - Worldwide Human Relationships Inferred from Genome-Wide Patterns of Variation 22 Feb 2008 - describes. As Dienekes puts it
This paper is proof positive that European ethnicities can be distinguished from each other genetically. Even close-by populations (in this case the French and the Italians) are neatly separateed
What this means is that it will clearly be possible to identify the nationality of bodies in Kosovo & elsewhere. In particular the ethnicity of the 210 people murdered in the Dragodan Massacre a few hundred yards from the British HQ in their zone of Kosovo. This includes the 47 of them claimed as Albanians since it it would be consistent with previous experience if the KLA have forced people to claim them.

Since Albanians are not merely a linguistic community but a separate religious one, being either Moslem or Catholic & the Serbs being Orthodox, the genetic separation will likely be much wider than that between French & Italian mentioned previously. If the ICTY or NATO/EU/UN occupiers are sincere in their desire to find the truth they will certainly take advantage of this new technology to determine the facts about this genocide.

Less differentiation, but probably still greater than that along the Italian/French border will separate Bosnian Moslems from Orthodox Serbs. If so, DNA identification would settle the facts about bodies inn Bosnia & Hercegovina. The Bosnian Moslems are believed to be descended from a mixture of, in order: Bogomils, a Byzantine heresy which after the Turkish conquest (1463) accepted Mohammad as a genuine prophet: Bosnian aristocracy who converted to retain their property; & a small number of Turks. The time separation & lack of intermarriage should be sufficient to make general identification possible.

This is particularly important for the alleged Srebrenica Massacre. There is no dispute, though virtually no western coverage, about the deliberate mass murder of 3,800 Serb men, women & children (though mainly women & children since the men were away) in surrounding villages by the Moslem soldiery under the Srebrenica commander Naser Oric. The ICTY say, for undisclosed reasons, that this was not genocide though it actually fits the legal definition far better than what we may call the "official" massacre. The official massacre is what Mr Izetbegovic the ex-Nazi Bosnian Moslem leader claimed was the killing, initially said to be of the entire missing garrison, then said to be 7,500. Subsequently 7,000 of these have been identified as having reached safety but the garrison is now said to have been higher so that numerous figures up to 15,000 have been claimed.

Evidence for this massacre has been threefold:

- US satellite pictures of mass graves said to have been taken 24 hours apart though one of them shows a completed house which had not been there "24 hours" earlier.
- The statement of one alleged eye witness.
- The finding of 2,500 bodies, mainly near the aforementioned villages, many of them appearing to be of children.

When examined the "mass graves" were found to be empty & the US authorities said the bodies had been burned, until bodies were found near the villages, at which point it was announced that they were Moslem soldiers (even the apparent children) - no trace of the missing 3,800 Serb bodies has been reported. Doubt has been cast on the testimony of the eye witness since he had served in both the Bosnian Moslem & Croatian forces before hia alleged joining of the Serb forces.

This leaves the only real evidence of the "official" Srebrenica massacre being the bodies which, with the advance of science can now be identified as to probable nationality (also gender).

Assuming the ICTY are a genuine judicial body rather than a corrupt racist propaganda organisation they will certainly instantly take action to determine if these bodies are indeed from the Moslem community or the Orthodox Also whether any of these alleged soldiers are the bodies of women & whether the apparent children are large numbers of Moslem soldiers with a neotonous medical condition.

To some extent it need not reflect badly on the previous integrity, though it would on the competence, of the ICTY if they quickly found that the bodies were indeed Serb. It would merely prove they were wrong.

If they were to refuse to make an investigation science has proven they are capable of it would prove they had indeed known the facts all along & that the Srebrenica Massacre story is a complete & deliberate piece of pro-Nazi propaganda as big as any "big lie" Joseph Goebbels ever conceived of.

Previously forensic work has been carried out by representatives from independent countries. Best known being when Finnish forensic experts proved that the the "Racak massacre" had not, as US human rights expert & former ambassador to El Salvador William Walker said, involved innocent villagers shot in the face "execution style" but KLA veterans shot from a distance. Walker subsequently admitted at the Milosevic "trial" that he had lied. Since the ICTY have already made accusations it would be far better for the examination to be carried out by representatives of competent uncommitted countries such as Finland, Russia or Singapore.

My initial interest in this was stirred by a Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow lecture by Professor Sir Alec Jeffries, who is essentially the British end of the invention of DNA fingerprinting. Despite initial scepticism that this project was feasible, after seeing the Dienekes link he confirmed that
These are not currently in routine forensic use but they could in principle could be deployed in the Kosovo investigation
I would also like to thank Steve Sailer for pointing me to the Dienekes site.

Hi Neil!

thought you might be interested in publishing/promoting this new article from the 4International blog site:

The ITN/Guardian Trnopolje & Omarska “Death Camp” Hoax
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