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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ukraine And The EU/NATO Record On International Law - Metro Letter

        This letter of mine was in the Metro on Monday. The bit in italics was edited out but it remained well above the average length of a Metro letter so that is fair. The letter went out to all our major papers and this is not the first time I have found the Metro more willing to publish unapproved opinions than the "quality" press are.:

The Crimeans are holding a referendum to quit Ukraine and join Russia.
        The western powers are not so much opposed to this on democratic grounds, after all it will be done by referendum and Ukraine is currently without an elected government, but because it offends against international law and guarantees such as the Helsinki Treaty where all signatories agreed international borders in Europe were sacrosanct. This is a reasonable point even though it is weakened by the US admission that they have been interfering in Ukraine to the extent of spending $5 bn subverting Ukraine's elected government by funding "awareness raising" activities by, often Fascist, rioters.
      Perhaps therefore the NATO countries, who signed a temporary occupation agreement of Kosovo with the sovereign power, Yugoslavia, guaranteeing that sovereignty, as previously confirmed in that Helsinki Treaty and elsewhere should consider returning it.
      Perhaps they could make suitable recompense to the 350,000 people ethnically cleansed fromm Kosovo by NATO police (formerly NATO armed KLA & formerly to that Albanian gangsters, drug lords, sex slavers, organleggers and a few left over Nazis).
      Or for the 10s of thousands of girls (& boys) kidnapped by our police.
     Or for the 1,800 people arrested, on racial grounds, and dissected, while still alive, by NATO police, to provide organs for western hospitals.
     Then they will be in a position to complain whether Mr Putin has acted improperly and whether any of them have any right to moralise.

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On the contrary, editing out the bit in italics was certainly not "fair" in any way, shape or form and was not done to save space. Your most important point - the core of your argument - was in italics.

The duty of the so called "mainstream" media is to inform us, the public, of crimes committed by our government in order to prevent abuse of power. The Metro has failed miserably on that account, despite allowing a few snippets of truth about the double standards - vis-a-vis territorial integrity and sovereignty - concerning the situation in Ukraine.

Censoring your comments on the genocide and ethnic cleansing in Kosovo is yet another example of our obscene, racist, lying, corrupt corporate media press-titutes covering up and enabling the cause of Nazi genocide of "untermenschen". All this done of course in the name of "democracy","nation building" "human rights" and perpetrated by our child-sex-enslaving, drug- trafficking, organ-harvesting terrorist friends in the KLA led by Hashim "The Snake" Thaci.

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