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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Christopher Snowden - 2 New Papers On Government/EU Sock Puppet Propagandising

      I previously, hear and hear discussed Christopher Snowden's Sock Puppets pdf about the disgusting extent to which nominally "charitable" bodies, including almost every "environmental" charity are actually government or EU funded bodies propagandising for ever more government and EU parasitism.

      He has since done 2 more papers on much the same lines which I recommend

Euro Puppets: The European Union's Remaking of Civil Society

and now

The Sock Doctrine: What Can Be Done About Politically Funded Activism

   The extent to which agencies with hidden government funding control what news we are allowed to hear is incompatible with a free society. Almost every organisation whose "reports", "surveys" & what have you are reported by our broadcasting sock puppets or newspapers, are just rewritten press releases from state funded propagandists - from ASH to the WWF. This remains one of the numerous subjects on which the media censor any mention - even in "readers" letters.

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