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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Labour Party's Latest 2 Fascist Lies

   Recently I got a Labour party email quoting Andy Burnham saying Labour intend that "The energy markets need to be opened up so that consumers aren't ripped off." and that I should support them because of this and Labour claiming they want growth.

I replied:

Are you suggesting that energy companies are, to any significant extent, responsible for the rising price of energy? I ask only because, incredible though it sounds, that does appear to be the meaning of what you wrote.
Obviously no individualm or party which was in even the tiniest degree honest could, under any circumstanmces, pretend that fuel poverty was not the deliberate fault of politicians, mainly Labour ones.
If you did actually mean to lie to me you owe me a public apology and an assurance that if I am ever contacted by any member of your party again they will, before, making their pitch, apologise for being corrupt scum and that no word they ever say on any subject can be trusted.
Neil Craig

No reply. The totalitarian thieves know perfectly well that they are blaming the energy companies for something they did, just as they have previously blamed the bankers for a recession they know they caused. Very much the same tactic as the German nationalists who blamed the Jews for the "stab in the back" when they lost WW1.

   In a related piece of Fascism an official Labour candidate Joy Division Gardner to run the police has had a BNP supporter arrested and sentence to 240 hours for using the term "darkie" in a private blog, a term that differs in meaning from "black" in what way?

   She did this while lying that "I will always defend the right to freedom of speech"

  I sent her this to which she has not replied:

You owe a public apology to the BNP.

You are a member of a racist Nazi party guilty of mass murder, racial genocide, war crimes, child rape & dissecting living people.That is simply a proven fact.

You are an obscene Nazi whore. A thieving, pensioner murdering Fascist parasite.
Any member of the Labour party not willing to denounce you as totally dishonest, in your claim not to be opposed to free speech is demonstrating that they personally are also wholly corrupt Fascists opposed to human freedom.

Have you any actual evidence of anybody in the BNP ever engaging in any activity 1,000th as racist as the racist obscenities every Labour party member is complicit in?
Incidentally the term "darkie" merely refers to black people having darker skin. What evidence do you have that black [people's skin is not blacker than average? Equally the fact that black people, on average, perform very much worse in IQ tests than average has been demonstrated repeatedly across the world - what actual scientific evidence do you have that proves all IQ tests wrong? When I say scientific evidence I mean scientific evidence not having the gestapo on your side.

Neil Craig

    Clearly she does not have any, nor can she name a single member of the BNP who is 1,000th as racist as all the loyal members of her Fascist party.

     I would assume that with both sorts of lies being approved by the party there are absolutely no circumstances under which any statement made by them can be assumed in any way truthful.

     Perhaps even more worrying is the almost total censorship by our MSM of the fact that free speech, even in the privacy of your own home, no longer exists. If free speech is limited only to those who are approved by wholly corrupt genocidal scum like that party it is not free speech.

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