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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Criado-Perez Threatens Violence - Only In A Police State Would Police Arrest Other But Not Her

   The BBC have been making a massive case of the prosecution of a couple of people, and now their imprisonment, for making death threats to the unknown celebrity feminist  Criado-Perez, so extreme that the judge said "it is hard to imagine more extreme" ones.

   Brendan O'Neill on Spiked wrote it up and the unimaginably extreme death threat is "Fuck off and die" which is clearly not even a death threat of any sort and could not have been claimed so by any judge who was not wholly corrupt.

   Brendan is pushing the obvious fact that this prosecution is harsh and an overreactive threat to free speech. In comments I go further to say that the difference between a free society under the rule of law and a police state is that in the latter the law is, or is not, applied according not to what you have done but to whether you are politically approved:

So expect to see James Hansen locked up for saying anybody who expresses doubts about catastrophic global warming should be imprisoned.
George Moonbat for threatening to murder airline executives.
The BBC for saying climate sceptics should be treated like paedophiles.
Well OK no they shouldn't for precisely the same reasons this pair shouldn't.

But more important is the differential treatment. The law is distorted in one direction to imprison people for not liking "feminists" and even more in the opposite to protect state funded totalitarians. If the law, for political reasons, is not applied equally on everybody this is the difference between the rule of law and a police state. That this pair should be treated humanely is important but that they should be treated the same as Moonbat and BBC executives is vital.


    Your first example epitomises the "thought police" mentality. The second, if true, is incitement and is already illegal, the third is plain idiocy, which whilst annoying if criminal would condemn most of us to incarceration or worse.
        in this conversation
      • "every time someone dies as a result of floods in Bangladesh, an airline executive should be dragged out of his office and drowned" G Moonbat
        Clearly illegal indeed, certainly as the law is applied to the politically unapproved.
        But that means we do indeed live in a police state where Moonbat, BBC executives (I was thinking of Helen Boaden who perjured herself in the high court in relation to 28 gate, and was immediately promoted to Head of Radio) and ecofascists generally who are allowed to vandalise and intimidate with approval of police or courts like brownshirts outside Jewish shops.
      However this was topped and my point about the differential application of "the law" proven by anither commenter who showed that the "frightened" (as she seems to have said under oath) member of our fascist nomenklatura was engaged in precisely the "threats" others are imprisoned for using against her. She has not yet been imprisoned.
    • If "fuck off and die" is a death threat then that is a rape threat (though our state owned media who said the former certainly won't claim the latter)(& of course it won't be treated as criminal that she said it)

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