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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BBC Caught Lying Again, To Hide How Corrupt & Useless Our Ruling Class Are

    This is an email I sent to the BBC. They haven't answered it and today, have not acknowledged Richard Bacon's "error" so I guess that means it was deliberate and they have decided to maintain the lie.

Dear BBC,
                  On the Richard Bacon show today (Tues 28th) he made the astonishing claim that despite having opposite policies Britain and the US have "the fastest growing economies in the world".
     Clearly Bacon is either wholly and completely ignorant of our and the world's economy or deliberately lying and wholly and completely corrupt, or both.
     As you will be aware the truth is that the US is not only not the world's fastest grower it is well below even the world average of about 4 1/2% (nearly 6% if the EU isn't counted).
    Britain of course is well below that well below average figure.
    Clearly the BBC as an organisation cannot excuse themselves as being wholly and completely ignorant. Therefore, by definition, if there is any slightest possibility of the BBC being able to claim to be in any slightest way honest, or one which any individual who was in any slightest way honest could ever work for, you cannot continue to maintain this Orwellian lie.
   I look forward to seeing if he retracts the lie on Wednesday's programme with the same emphasis he told it with. If not then that is a BBC acknowledgement that you are indeed wholly and completely corrupt totalitarian fascist propagandists.
    In which case I must ask for an assurance that you will never under any circumstances suggest that anything I ever say is less than millions of times more truthful than the most honest thing anybody in your fascist propaganda organisation ever says. I await your explanation &/or confirmation.
   I have mentioned this on Left Foot Forward where one can always be guaranteed replies which will prove the ignorance, totalitarianism and foolishness of professional "socialists" and descend into ad homs as their claims dissolve.
Yesterday Richard Bacon on the BBC stated that this meant that \Britain and the US have "the fastest growth in the world". Of course nobody pretends that the BBC is anyhing other than a wholly corrupt, totalitarian, fascist propaganda organisation, that will tell absolutely any lie and censor absolutely any fact to promote the thieving parasites in Westminster. Nobody with the slightest trace of honesty can, by definition work for these whores.

Nonetheless that that is a remarkable lie by even BBC standards. The truth is that far from being the fastest growth in the world - the US is growing more slowly than the world AVERAGE of 4% (with the EU in recession the non-EU average is near 6%) and Britain, of course, is below the US's below average performance.

One can see why the Westminster thieves are so keen that the BBC lie to support them. It is obvious that if our ruling parasites really wished an end to recession they could at least match the non-EU average.

Nonetheless, cynical as I am about our Ministry of Truth broadcasters I am surprised that the BBC told and have decided to publicly maintain a lie so gross and easily checked.
         (US #116, UK #173)

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The BBC lie.

Yes this tory party is a perfect example of capitalist facism at its extreme, and the elite aristocracy are happy to follow their lead, and yes clearly by judging how the bbc"s Scottish referendum was so illeagally biased it shows just how joined at the hip the two really are
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