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Friday, December 20, 2013

Lib Dems Asked Either Not to Break Godwin's Law Or Not To Censor

    A few days ago I put a polite but truthful comment on the LibDemVoice site, the party's official blog.  It was in response to this guilt by association attack, making allegations not against UKIP but on other parties in the EU parliament. In line with normal trends it was censored.

    OK - but then I see a comment calling us "Nazis" with not a trace of evidence, was allowed to stand.

   I have put this comment.

"I note LDV allowing the disgraceful claim that "UKIP are akin to the pre-1933 Nazis Party in Germany" while censoring comments disagreeing. Most other LD sites also censor.

On the other hand UKIP sites regularly show comments from those opposed to our policies (eg almost any post by Roger Helmer will have something from the environmental subsidy supporters.

Remember that the LDs were and still are the party most supportive of NATO dissecting thousands of human being while still alive & have repeatedly lied and censored in this cause.
I think that shows which of the 2 parties are traditional liberals and which are ideologically similar to the Nazis."

I expect it to be censored again. I have also contacted a number of LD MPs & will let you know if any disapprove:

       LDV, your party's official blog regularly attacks UKIP as fascistic. This might be compatible with liberalism if they did not then censor any defence.

       Worse than that - having censored reasonable comments LDV has hosted the claim that "UKIP are akin to the Nazis".  Neither the censorship nor that subsequent fact free libel is compatible with any sort of liberal principles. Anybody in the party who is more akin to liberal principles than fascist ones would obviously be grateful for the opportunity to dissociate themselves from such behaviour and I ask you, and the party officially, to do so.

       Liberalism is a doctrine of free speech and moderation and it seems difficult to dispute that your party has proven itself much less liberal than UKIP.

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