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Sunday, December 15, 2013

So How Many Are being Killed By Ecofascism In Britain?

Total excess winter deaths in England and Wales last winter was 31,000. Proportionately that should be 2,880 in Scotland, assuming our winter weather isn't worse, but officially the figure, while not yet fully available is "about 2000".

1990/91 2,430 1991/92 2,740 1993/94 2,590 1994/95  2,310 1995/6 3,650 1996/97 3,640 1997/98  2,610 1998/99  4,750 1999/2000 5,190 2000/01 2,220 2001/2 2,510 2003/04 2,840 2004/05 2,760 2005/06  2,750 2007/08 2,180 2008/09 3,510 2009/10  2,760 2010/1 2,450 2011/12 1,420 2012/13  provisional (90 190 600 1,120) 2,000   (figures in brackets are by age group showing that while these deaths are mainly pensioner ones they are  far from entirely so).

     The 2009/10 winter was the coldest for decades yet the death rate is shown as down compared to the previous year. Also there appears to have been a step reduction in recorded deaths after 2000, for which I can see no physical reason.

      I think we are dealing with a massaging of the figures rather than a change in reality.

      If we assume deaths are proportional to England and Wales that would be a total of 33,880.

      How many of these deaths are due to fuel poverty. Well according to the state owned "legally balanced" BBC it is 50%.

    "An all attack on the energy companies is in progress….the BBC, rather than standing back from the fray and giving us impartial news and information, is more than happy to land a few punches of its own.

We had ‘green’ companies complaining about their state subsidised profiteering being taken away from them…and linking it to yesterday’s scare stories about winter deaths….much exaggerated as shown in a previous post.

The company spokesman telling us that 50% of deaths were due to high fuel bills.

The BBC didn’t challenge that."

   Now the BBC were using this as a stick to beat the energy companies and that is false since we know the energy companies aren't making excess profits, indeed, as a proportion of turnover, profits have fallen. But if it this proportion is true it remains true when discussing the truth - that not only 100% of  the increase in fuel costs is deliberate political parasitism. indeed that between 80% and 98% of each electricity bill is state parasitism.

   Which makes our politicians knowingly and deliberately guilty of the murder of  17,000 citizens last year. More this year as costs rise. And a comparable number every year since the early 1970s when the anti-nuclear campaign first started putting up prices. Call it 680,000 in the UK.

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