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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Another Case Of Our Leaders' War Crimes & Murders and Media Lying For Them

    This comes via the estimable Steve Sailer from Britain's only real newspaper, the Daily Mail. It concerns another of those murders our government always assure us they had no hand, or in this case no deliberate hand, in. And is another piece in place in the history of NATO war crimes, in the Nazi cause, in former Yugoslavia.

On May 7, 1999 a U.S. B-2 stealth bomber dropped five precision bombs on the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia/Serbia. Later, the U.S. would announce that it had been intending to blow up a warehouse or maybe an office building, but definitely a different structure; but, you know, kids these days just can't read maps. Or the fog of war. Or something. Eventually, CIA director George Tenet admitted that the Chinese embassy was the lone target the CIA had picked out during the entire NATO bombing campaign. But of course it was all just a big mistake, and they had really sent the B-2 all the way from Missouri to blow up something down the street.......

From the Daily Mail in 2011:
But the plot thickened last month when Qiansao, a Hong Kong Chinese-language magazine, published a series of essays written in retirement by former Chinese President Jiang Zemin.  
In the magazine the 85-year-old former premier, who stepped down in 2004, says that the Chinese Embassy was sheltering Serbian intelligence personnel when it was bombed and that the Americans had been able to monitor Serbian military electronic communications coming out of the building. 
But just as importantly, Jiang Zemin also added that Milosevic had instructed agents to hand over to the Chinese navigation gear, part of the tail engine exhaust and thermal panels from Vega 31. The Chinese media reported that the pieces of the aircraft were picked up by cargo aircraft and flown to Beijing.

Supposedly, the retired Chinese supremo considered his attempt to outflank Russia by cosying up to Milosevic, in retrospect an obvious loser, as one of his two big mistakes in office.

As you'll recall, Chinese-American relations got tense after that, including a Chinese fighter bumping into an American P-3 in 2001. But then 9/11 came along and this stuff was mostly forgotten.
    Obviously deliberately attacking an embassy with diplomatic immunity and killing people is a war crime. Not one NATO funded "courts" would investigate unless at least a small number of those involved had some slight respect for the law.
    Perhaps worth remembering when we see the same media who pushed lies then are now promoting the claim that the demos in Ukraine are because people want to join the EU rather than because they are being funded by NATO owned "non-"government organisations, or that Russia is in some way less democratic than us because they don't want gay marriage (actually they are far more democratic than Britain), or to be run by NATO friendly oligarchs, or to be attacked by "non"GOs like Greenpeace.
A majority of U.S. jurisdictions permit parties to impeach witnesses by demonstrating their "bad" character regarding truthfulness. Under the Federal Rules a party may demonstrate a witness' "bad" character through reputation or opinion testimony. That is, a witness' credibility cannot be bolstered, only impeached."
     Is there a part of the MSM in Britain or the US whose "news" would not have to be thrown out of court as being of bad character, from a source known for its untruthfulness?

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