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Monday, November 11, 2013

Either Technology Has Delined Or Political Parasitism Massively Increased Since 1951

    Roger Helmer pointed out that the world's first commercial nuclear power station took 5 years to go from starting the design to working (1951-56) and checking further I find that building started in 1953 - a 3 year build time.

    That was for something that had never been built before.
    In an era before computer aided design (indeed only shortly after we had been told that the "world market for computers is about 6")

    Yet Hinckley Point, an already existing design, after 60 years of technological progress, will take 10 years.

    But also 60 years of growing political parasitism
    Further proof that at least 90% of the cost is political parasitism. 

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A lot of that paratism flows into higher land values of course - if you can get planning for a reactor, that's as good as £1 billion in the bank.

See also Thames Water having to spend twice as much on buying up land to build the London super-sewer etc.
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