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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Ed Miliband's Promise To Halt & To Freeze Electricity Prices & His Promise To Raise Them Shows He Is A Cynical, Murdering Liar

"to deal with the problem of climate change, energy bills are likely to rise"
                        Ed Miliband 2009, speaking as energy minister and creator of the Climate change Act

"the next Labour government will freeze gas and electricity prices until the start of 2017. Your bills will not rise. It will benefit millions of families and millions of businesses"
                                                        Ed Miliband's latest election promise

    Clearly the latter is a cynical lying promise. He has no slightest intention of reducing or eve slowing the rise in electricity prices to the promised £3,000 per family by 2030.

    Indeed, if he knows anything at all about economics (he studied PPE at Oxford so he must know something about the "E") he knows that the only effect of this freeze, which likely means generators being ordered to supply at below cost) can be to persuade investors that British energy generation is not a sensible investment.

     (He has made an even more damaging threat to seize housing developer's land without compensation so this seems a general threat.)

    He therefore provably knows that this threat will increase the energy catastrophe and cause the, quite deliberate, killing of 10s of thousands of pensioners.

    Since this is unarguably true it follows that every honest Labour MP & MSP has publicly admitted it. But only those honest ones who are not, like their leader, cynically corrupt murderous liars.

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