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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

CBI is A Government Sock Puppet

     The PR claim by the CBI that membership of the EU will cost us £3,000 a year per family does not seem to have been explained. It must rely on the ludicrous claim put forward by a number of politician's, most enthusiastically Clegg, that if we quite the EU will cut off all trade with us (despite the rest of the EU having a positive trade balance with us, and the trade they carry on with the rest of the world & that it would break GATT rules).

     Why have the CBI which is supposed to be the representative of big business, so eager to support the political class against the interests of business.

      I did answer on a couple of blogs that it is a sign that in a society where government is very powerful, as in Britain where government spends nearly half of national income and regulates the equivalent of 100% of what we have out of existence, any big business needs the friendship of the state and therefore has to be willing to say what they want.

      Few on either side of politics realise (or at least acknowledge) how the power lies with the state not big business (which in any case is run by those who march to the tune of money not power).

     On the other had Dan Hannan has come up with another answer which I had not been cynical enough to believe.

      The CBI is a government sock puppet/fakecharity.

I once attended a regional CBI conference in my constituency. I'm pretty certain that the businesses – in the sense of organisations that had to make profits – were outnumbered by the charities, local government agencies and NGOs. There was even, I remember, a local Scout group. Yet this is the organisation which is represented by the BBC as the voice of British industry

If the majority of members are government funded agencies, charities and government owned "Non-Governmental Organisations" and paying dues then by definition it is government funded.

       The Royal Society have become a sock puppet, the BBC always really were. 9 out of the 10 biggest "environmental" charities are. And on and on and on.

       But to find that the CBI have succumbed to the "long march of the institutions through the left"*

       It looks like the default assumption must now be that any organisation pushing the state line is a sock puppet u7ntil proven otherwise.

* The phrase is normally given in reverse "left" are seizing the institutions but it is the trend of government empire building which led to them funding "leftist" "charities" to "raise awareness" of the need for more government that5 is the driving force and in the process has changed the "old left" out of all recognition - old lefists were pro-industry, anti-luddism, anti-EU, pro-progress, anti-immigration at least when used to undercut workers wages, pro-coal power & thus anti-windmills (or at least would have been had anybody been stipid enough to propose them) and not at all politically correct.

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