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Saturday, September 14, 2013


     This is in celebration of the UK "Liberal Democrat" Conference being held in Glasgow:

Since the late 1960s I was a Liberal & then LibDem.

Then I was expelled from the party on 2 specific charges.

1 - Speaking in support of & believing in Economic Liberalism.

2 - Speaking in support of nuclear power (& believing it), including the need to keep Hunterston working after 2009, if we want to keep the lights on.

Subsequently I was told that a hidden reason was my opposition to illegal wars, ethnic cleansing, genocide & child sex slavery, all of which the "Liberals" were and are active supporters of. At the time I was unaware of the dissections of 1,800 living people by NATO police in Kosovo to sell their body organs to western hospitals though Ashdown must have been when he deliberately perjured himself during the Milosevic "trial" to assist the obscene KLA. Shirley Williams has publicly admitted knowing and I assume other senior party MPs did too)
I was also the sole member of the party to speak directly against the smoking ban, for the most traditional Liberal policy of free trade rather than having it controlled by some cartel & against having Scottish industry run, not by owners but by political correctness officers bound to ensure business was run not by economic sanity but to satisfy the "expectations" of every passing "special interest group"

Liberalism, the original sort, is sweeping the world because it offers freedom, wealth & a decent society people can be proud of & that is what the overwhelming majority of citizens want. Economic decline, windmills,dependency culture & visiting government busybodies telling them they can't smoke in their own homes is no substitute.

That is why I am now active in UKIP.

The "LibDems" are a totalitarian party, committed to ever more state power, impoverishing the people, ecofascism and indeed to war crimes to which even Adolf Hitler did not descend. If you are a liberal, in the meaning of the word the founders would recognise, you should join UKIP, the only true liberal party in Britain.   

Neil Craig

   For anybody interested parts I, II, III & IV of my expulsion are here.

   Unlike the large majority of LibDem bloggers I do allow comments from the other side*, that being what liberals do, I will be interested to see if any member of the party feels able to defend the proposition that they are liberal, in terms of the traditional meaning of the word, or indeed that the accusation of totalitarianism, participation in war crimes, genocide, child rape and dissections is inaccurate. We shall see.

*The exception being obscenity & fact free attacks on 3rd parties. I don't even always delete obscenity since it gives a look at the state of mind - as the LibDem branch leader who once defended KLA child slave brothels at a candidate selection meeting by saying that as soon as a local one was set up he would be enjoying their services can confirm.   


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