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Sunday, July 21, 2013

BBC Knowingly Lying To Promote Fascist Scares - Proving Every Employee Is A thief As well As A Liar

    So nobody else has to I quote this comment I got in reply to one of mine on Dellers. I had been pointing out the BBC's corruption in promoting organisations like ASH without revealing that they are not popular movements in any way but simply government funded (98%) sock puppets. One alarmist, probably one of the government funded trolls claimed, dishonestly it was proven, to doubt that 98% figure. Anyway6 this is the relevant comment:

3 days ago 

I have written to the BBC a number of times to challenge their reporting of fake charity claims.
They respond by saying that these 'charities' are not fake charities and that the information they provide is genuine and unbiassed.

I can't believe the BBC is that na├»ve

    Me neither. They cannot be ignorant of the fact of general government funding. In which case they are, by definition, lying propagandists.

   Note also that whenever ASH's opposite number, FOREST, is mentioned these same beeboids say that it is receives industry funding. Clearly thus they are not only censoring they are abjuring an trace of the "balance" their charter legally requires. In which case they all know that they have no legal right to licence money and thus every BBC employee is not only a lying fascist propagandist but also a thief.

   In a similar vein Bishop Hill has an interesting picture of windmills and gas wells in close proximity and the latter can be seen to be hundreds (at least) of times less visually intrusive than the former.

    The Beeboid Nazis regularly run stories about how intrusive gas wells will be, as do the government funded "environmental" propaganda organisations but it can now be said with certainty that nobody who is in any way honest or has any slightest actual concern for the environment has spent less than hundreds of much time denouncing windmills than shale gas.

    That does not, of course, prove that absolutely everything the thieving obscenities in the BBC and "environmental" movement say is equally dishonest but it does prove that this should be the default assumption until proven otherwise.


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