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Saturday, March 02, 2013

UKIP Not Just Eviscerating the Conservatives - UKIIP Eviscerating The Entire Corrupt Policical Class

Guido has this graph suggesting that the Conservatives are being squeezed by their voters going to UKIP. However this is false as I commented.

34neilfutureboy says:

Now that is a dishonest presentation of a graph. By baselining the graph at 16% it shows the 17% who moved from Labour as 1/6th of those who moved from the Tories whereas in fact it is 16/22nds (73%). It thereby falsely enhances the Conservative claim that their collapse is due to UKIP “splitting” the vote and tries to frighten people into voting Tory to “keep out the other rascals”.

In fact all 3 parties have been treated with justified contempt

This matters because if UKIP can win across the board then the "don't vote for them or you'll let the other lot in" argument falls. The other lots voters are equally (or at least 73% as much) disenchanted.

Both Tories and LibDems had a 14% swing against them which would wipe both out. The Libs merely won by default which conceals that it was as much of a disaster for them as for the Tories.
The really good news is not just UKIP's rising vote but that it is fairly equally distributed among ex Tory, Pseudo-liberal, Labour and no-shows. Thus the Conservatives are losing not because they are losing a constant "right wing" vote to UKIP but simply because they are crap, while the total "right wing" vote is actually rising significantly.   In those terms I have to remind readers of the definition of "right wing" put by SNP MSP John Mason and one of our "environmentalist" allies that to be right wing is to believe that there is a place for the free market to achieve growth & to be against unlimited 3rd world immigration; and that it is to "not like paying taxes" respectively.   Which shows how much we need a government which shares the values of ordinary people

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