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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Recession Is Deliberate Toralitarian Treason - We Can End It At Anmy Time

I was impressed by this summation from Newt Gingrich

during the past few years the American people have:
Developed desktop 3D-printers which can manufacture almost any object you can imagine within a few minutes. You can buy these devices for roughly the cost of a laptop and print out, in plastic, anything you can design on your computer, or any 3D models from an online library. You can then send away to a website like Shapeways to have the design printed in stainless steel, silver, or ceramic. People are only beginning to understand the enormous possibilities for industry, logistics, education, science and medicine. This video provides is a great short explanation.

Carried regenerative medicine to the point of growing people new organs using their own cells. In fact, we will be able to 3D-print new organs using live cells within the foreseeable future. In this video Dr. Anthony Atala of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine explains how they are growing replacement bladders in incubators using patients’ own cells.
Created intelligent, autonomous drones for civilian use. You might have heard of drone military aircraft (especially after Senator Rand Paul’s impressive filibuster this week) but soon civilians will have access to drones of all sizes as well. The potential for cargo shipping, transportation, public safety and more is extraordinary. This video of a University of Pennsylvania lab shows a whole swarm of personal drones.
Pioneered the development of a driverless car. In addition to autonomous aircraft, Americans might soon travel in cars controlled completely by artificial intelligence. Sebastian Thrun at Google leads a team that created a car which has driven hundreds of thousands of miles autonomously on California roads. The implications for safety and quality of life are incalculable. He explains the project in this video. This Audi already parks itself automatically.
Launched private spacecraft, without NASA. Sir Richard Branson and others have independently developed private spacecraft which are prepared to carry paying customers on suborbital flights and beyond. Last week, SpaceX became the first private company to resupply the International Space Station. Branson discusses Virgin Galactic in this video.
Made a high quality education available to everyone online, for free. Salman Khan, a former hedge fund analyst, has recorded thousands of hours of free lessons on everything from basic biology to calculus, in a project that started as a way to help his younger cousins catch up in school. Today, his ever-expanding collection of lessons is known as Khan Academy. They have been viewed more than 244 million times. In some schools, teachers now assign students to take the lessons at home and to do their homework in class — where the teacher can help kids if they get stumped. Salman Khan talks about project in this video.

Several of these developments may be at least as important as the computer revolution of the past two decades.

  I would also add shale gas fraccing and the development of algae able to grow oil.

It coalesces well with my feeling that technology, being the foundation of progress, expanding faster than at any time in human history, means that we could achieve economic progress also faster than at any time in human history, if allowed. Particularly because the UK is surpassed in scientific citations per capita only by Switzerland (& Scotland surpasses the UK average).

    Also worth pointing out that 2 of the 5, driverless cars and commercial space development, owe a lot to X-Prizes.

    "Little else is requisite to carry a state to the highest degree of opulence from the lowest barbarism, but peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice: all the rest being brought about by the natural course of things"
The corollary being that a wealthy state can be reduced to poverty, or in the current state of 5% world growth, can be kept in minor recession until the lowest and most barbaric catch up, by politicians actively trying to do so - as present circumstances prove.

Alex Salmond knows that:

"“The skills, ingenuity, training and expertise of the human capital that you develop will determine the long-term prosperity of the economy, and indeed will determine the long-term prosperity of the world,”

Which means that his deliberate stifling of energy technology in Scotland is not the action of an ignorant fool but of somebody deliberately and treasonously trying to keep us in recession.

    The same applies to David Cameron who has also unquestionably lied that he want's growth while absolutely refusing to do what he knows would achieve it.

   Back in my 9% Growth Party days I opted for (you guessed it) around 9% growth. It could certainly have been achieved. I have shown how, in theory and with some luck, if each point on the programme could add 1% to growth (in some cases that is by far an underestimate) growth would be 24% a year. and it isn't even disputed by any of these parasites that according to all the science of economics, this is the case.

    No wonder UKIP, despite still being censored by the state broadcaster, is now on 17% (63% of the Tory polling) even according to the Observer, and still rising and perhaps even more importantly 56% believe governemnt policies (almost indistinguishable from Labour ones) are harming the economy. The people have rimbeled the thieves and parasites and it is only reqyured for UKIP to close the deal and convince we not only coull (they all could) but would get the economy into world class growth.

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