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Thursday, March 07, 2013

BBC Lie To Police and Lord Patten's Words

Dear Hillhead Police,
                                I was recently cautioned on an allegation that I had put up posters claiming that the BBC and staff members thereof were corrupt, liars, thieves, child rapists, fascist propagandists etc. No suggestion was made that this was anything less than factual. The BBC's objection was, I was told, because the lampposts in question were BBC property.

   It is clear from this FoI (their ref RF120130191) that this claim by the BBC was wholly and completely dishonest.

"No street lamps or lighting fixtures in the areas adjacent to the BBC Pacific Quay building are the property of the BBC. I take your reference to ‘street furniture’ to mean benches and the like. No such furniture in the area adjacent to the Pacific Quay building is the property of the BBC.

I hope this response answers your questions....

Ian Small"

    While some people may find it surprising that the BBC as an organisation and all those involved in making the complaint have proven to be completely corrupt I would remind you that making false statements to induce the police to caution or charge people is, at best, the criminal offence of wasting police time and at worst an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

     Please let me know when these corrupt frauds have been charged.

   I also confirm not yet having heard about what must be the imminent arrest of the BBC's Head of Radio, Helen Boaden and others for perjury (and in theory all those superior for her for conspiracy to get her to commit perjury) in relation to her lies to the court over the 28 gate fraud (namely that she claimed the 28 who supported the BBC in slanting, lying and censoring dissent in breach of their charter were 28 of the world's leading scientists holding a diversity of views when in fact they were all paid global warming or other activists, 93% non-scientists). Please let me know how this criminal investigation is going.


   In the same line I was at the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow lecture by BBC boss Lord Patten (along with 2 BBC minders) chairman of the BBC, former EU Commissioner and serial collector of all the quangos and gongs the establishment has to offer. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to ask a question.

    His lecture was not about the BBC, indeed we were asked not to ask anything about Savile "because it is sub judice" (I had intended to ask about 28 gate). Instead it was about the state of the world, particularly the rise of China and India, about which he has a large stock of anecdotes and a great degree of ignorance.

  Among his pearls were

-  that we have seen "brilliant reporting the BBC has been doing in Syria" (in promoting our al Quaeda allies in their massacring).

- that world "GDP grew between 2000-2007 more than at any time for 40 years" (it actually grew more than it ever has and is still growing fast, the "world recession" the BBC so often blame our troubles on being a lie)   - of the EU that "I'm not allowed to speak on Europe" clearly meaning that a condition of his pension and all other EU pensioners is that they not speak negatively about the EU because he was able to speak positively about their attempts at ever closer union saying "its very difficult to persuade people to give up their nationality".  

    Anybody who sees the inherent corruption in having the boss of the state broadcaster paid by a foreign organisation specifically on condition that they only propagandise in the organisation's favour is not alone. Indeed the appointment of somebody so paid is clearly a breach of the BBC's Charter duty of balance.      

 And that China's rise is bound to end for 4 reasons:  

1; because of corruption. In fact comparing public projects here and in China - they build roads at 4% of what we do (Russia is 28%) means either that corruption is not a serious problem there or that we have 25/3.5 times more here than in either China or Russia, or a combination thereof  

2; The high level of investment in China which is "unsustainable" because it impoverishes to people. The truth is that though investment spending has risen so has GDP and the Chinese are much better off than they used to be, unlike Britain.  

3; Environmental reasons. This parasite was also once the environment minister. An asserting without supporting evidence as is common with ecofascists.  

4; In the long term if the party encourages free enterprise it undermines its own dictatorial authority so at some stage it will stop. In fact the Chinese government have already given up communism and as the Singapore experience shows a government can remain popular for generations if it is clearly committed to the nation's good. 

 His words actually say much more about the British scene, where all the BBC approved parties have clearly given up support for free enterprise, despite knowing it produces wealth, because they want to enhance their own dictatorial authority. And who is better placed in the British establishment to understand the attraction of this policy than Patten?

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