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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recent Reading

This links to the Telegraph's collection of worldwide Earthlights - nightime photos from orbit.
James Delingpole on Why we fight the EcoFascists
The Holyrood Magazine interview with Nigel Farage. Nigel even gets a few words in though obviously not as many as the interviewer.
Westminster Parliamentary candidate suspended for pointing out that Hitler was a National Socialist, leader of the Socialist Workers Party of Germany. The party that suspended her for thus bringing down the good name of socialism was the Conservatives.

    Hayek also wrote a considerable amount about how the Nazis and Fascists were an offshoot of socialism - many of their leaders and followers being "ex-socialists" and both committed to centralised state control of the economy in the interests of their own supporters. His point was that the socialists promoted the interests of the industrial workers whereas the Fascists promoted those of the lower middle classes, particularly the bureaucracy, and thus had a somewhat stronger base. Thus when the socialists had made state control popular their displacement by others also wanting the state run for their benefit is the inevitable consequence. Looking at the current Labour party, in which there are no working class people to be seen bow that Prescott has gone, who could disagree? As he pointed out it is only classic liberalism that is diametrically opposed to fascism, though nowadays even the name liberal has been corrupted by its foes using the word but meaning the opposite.

   I presume Hayek's writings have also been barred by the Tory party.
  For anybody who thinks there could be even a smidgen of truth in the various ecofascist claims about us exceeding the earth's carrying capacity comes this . It works out what is the true capacity, with current or near current technology, the carrying capacity actually is. It comes to a minimum of 1,000,000,000,000 (170 times current) with an average standard of living matching that of those on about £100,000 a year now ($100,000 a couple of decades ago).

   This is without any space development at all. Thus I see this as very much a minimum.
  Just when you think the British press must be the world's most corrupt Jerry Pournelle links to this article in the Daily Mail as the best reporting of the truth behind Obama's actions, or rather lack thereof, during the Benghazi attack.
I doubt that we will be investing the kind of money we have been investing unless there are propositions which attract not only us but also enable other capital lenders to come into the market place.

“The UK government needs to understand that capital is a scarce resource.” Ministers say £110bn of investment in new power plants is needed to keep the lights on over the next decade

     What a delightful world Ministers live in where money is no problem and they can artificially push up the cost of power stations to £110 billion without worrying.
You can see why they like the EU then

Brussels out of control - E200 billion Green subsidies

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