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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ofgem Apparatchik Admits We Can't Keep Lights On Without Generating Capacity and Blames Nobody

  Today's news is that even the government apparatchik running Ofgem is admitting we are heading for blackouts.

The energy watchdog predicts power station closures could mean a 10% fall in capacity by April alone.

Mr Buchanan has said the UK needs more gas supplies to fill the shortfall....

The BBC's John Moylan says that, while we have heard such warnings before, the difference with this one is that the process is already underway. Plants are already closing, and although planning permission for new ones is out there, nothing is actually being built."

Thank Ghod for shale. We clearly need it not merely to stop the economy collapsing but to prevent mass deaths. If prizes could play a part in getting new capacity up in a year (the main part would be getting rid of the "planning" restrictions) it is worth bringing it to people's attention, even our blinkered opponents.
And then the Ofgem chief justifies his pay by showing his loyalty to his paymasters

"There isn't a single person or people to blame. In my view it was a single event - the financial crisis. Before the financial crisis the government had backed a a visionary approach to energy on wind, water and nuclear... then came the financial tsunami."

When (A) without a recession energy demand would have been greater, (B) without the Luddism there would have been no recession (C) he is, of course, deliberately lying about wind and water ever doing anything useful.

   As I said a few days ago we could build new gas plants and extract enough shale gas to fuel them in a year if we combined getting rid of almost all planning restrictions and gave relatively small X-prizes for early production.

   That means we could not only keep the lights on but sharply reduce electricity prices and get out of recession any time the corrupt thieving murdering fascist parasites of the LabNatConDem parties wanted it.

  Variants on this have been round the political wheel before and nobody in any of these parties in any way deny that the programme would work, would save thousands of lives and would end the recession. Nor do they have any interest in doing so.

  Thus I don't think any of them can credibly deny that the parties they support are indeed corrupt, thieving, murdering fascist parasites. In the spirit of informing blinkered opponents this will go out to them and I'll let you know if any do.

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