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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Is Alex Salmond a Child Abuser?

  I was ranting to myself about how every politician, beeboid and journalist who either actively supports the global warming fraud or does not publicly acknowledge that their fellow politicians, beeboids and journalists and their parties are deliberately impoverishing us are, by definition, obscene, corrupt, lying thieving, murdering, child abusing, hypocritical, parasitic totalitarian, subhuman, eco-Nazi obscenities.

   Then I caught myself.

   Am I really right to call all the bastards child abusers?

-- Nearly 60 percent of children said they feared global warming and environmental disasters-such as hurricanes, tornados and flooding-more than terrorism, car crashes, and even cancer (22.3 percent feared terrorism most; 14.6 percent cancer; 5.9 percent car crashes). -- Nearly one-third of children reported thinking about global warming a lot and worrying about how the effects of global warming will change the planet and directly impact their lives. Another 41.2 percent think about it sometimes and say that they are somewhat worried. -- Roughly 60 percent of children surveyed believe that more needs to be done in their community to help the planet and stop global warming. -- When asked what effect of global warming worries them the most, the majority of kids surveyed are most afraid of the toll it will take on the lives of people.

And   Cut CO2 or we'll blow up your kids: 10:10 climate change ad shock

Video paid for by our thieving politicians and O2. Still unrpeorted by the BBC Nazis.


We see the same pattern in the United Kingdom, where a survey showed that half of young children aged between seven and 11 are anxious about the effects of global warming, often losing sleep because of their concern. This is grotesquely harmful.

And let us be honest. This scare was intended. Children believe that global warming will destroy the planet before they grow up because adults are telling them that .

  So yes I am.

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