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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cameron's New Cast Iron Promise - Letter To Be Unpublished and BBC Continue Censoring Dissent

  This letter went out to 40 publishers today. I will let you know if I am wrong and it gets published. It also has a short mention of 28 gate which also puts it on the list of, now 700 letters (unpublished) on that subject.
"So we, at last, have a promise that we will be allowed a referendum vote on EU membership - in 2017. This from "cast iron" Cameron who previously made such a promise to allow us a referendum over the Lisbon Treaty. To be fair to him the Labour, LibDem and SNP made the same promise in their manifestos and broke them even faster, the LibDems going on to put that referendum promise in their current manifesto too, with predictable results.
We in UKIP welcome this. "Bring it on" to quote those who said 2 years was to long to wait for the Scottish referendum.
Let us also see a proper debate on the subject too. It is generally recognised that the BBC, despite being required to be balanced, formed part of the 1974 campaign for a Yes vote. As the recent 28 gate scandal, where the BBC's claim that their support of the warming scare was based on the assurances of 28 "leading scientists" who turned out to be neither leading nor scientists, shows they are not above breaking their charter today.

A debate requires that both sides be allowed to speak, in roughly equal measure, without censorship. That would be a welcome novelty." --------------------------      Does anybody believe Cameron actually wants to keep this promise or will do so if the pressure is not kept on him, ot if he gets the chance to wriggle, like having to have another coalition?      In light of the last section of the letter Radio Scotland just did lecture by Menzies Campbell, in which he was given free range to arrack UKIP. The old buffer did indeed sputter when asked a moderately difficult question. --------------------------- I note Radio Scotland has not only reported on what representatives of the approved parties said about Cameron's speech but invited on Menzies Campbell, of Britain's 4th party for a very supportive interview (when he spluttered and failed to answer the only mildly questioning question the interviewer ignored it.   Yet you have not even hinted at getting a few words from Britain's 3rd party, UKIP, whose commitment to this isuue is clearly of great importance.

Indeed you even gave space to Campbell to make a dishonest attack on UKIP without objecting or even pointing out that UKIP was being allowed to reply.

Under the FoI I would like to ask the BBC if, as a result of censoring real debate in a manner consistent only with the doctrine of Fascism, a single employee of the organisation has at any time officially objected to the BBC's acting as a state propagandist willing to lie and censor. Also whether the BBC has obtained legal advice on the consequence of its breaching of its Charter and the law and what that advice was.

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