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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

John Redwood - Cheaper energy is BEST Reform To Grow the Economy

  I think this that John Redwood put on his blog today is of importance:

The best boost the Chancellor could give to the UK economy would be cheaper energy....

Maybe Mr Osborne is now able and willing to do this. He should say “Drill Davey, drill”.

He has long supported lower energy prices but this is the first time he has said this would be the "best" way to get growth.

I have long been saying Economic Freedom + Cheap Energy = Fast Growth (OK Pournelle said it first)

and while no politician denies it they don't accept it either they simply refuse to discuss the cost of energy as the cause of the recession. Redwood is not somebody who can be ignored by the party.

I commented:

““Drill Davey, drill”

Thank You John.

That is a magnificent line.

US gas prices are now as low as 1/4 of ours and it is why the US economy is growing (& almost certainly though undeservedly what got Obama back in).

This is an issue on which the Tory party should state unequivocally that they wish to massively cut electricity prices as the best way out of recession.

Either the LudDims will fold or the Tories should be prepared to break with them on it.

It would open up a clear divide between the Conservatives/UKIP and Libs/Labour and whatever the “environmentally aware” beeboids and government funded “charities” say, one on which most of the population would be on the side of growth.

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