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Friday, December 21, 2012

How Much Government Money Goes On Helping the Poor?

  This assessment of where government spending goes comes from Mark Wadsworth:

Nominally private sector businesses (whether for goods and services supplied or as subsidies) - 40%

Welfare claimants and OAPs - Three-quarters of that is old age pensions of course, working age welfare is surprisingly small amounts.- 30-35% (Note that pensions, insofar as the costs are properly calculated and paid by national insurance, aren't welfare but simply conmtractual payments)

Public sector workers and pensioners - total salary and pension costs of six million public sector employees - a bit less than 30% (but no less than 25%).

"Nominally private sector businesses (whether for goods and services supplied or as subsidies)"
What kind of things are we looking at here?

Mark Wadsworth said...

L, it is a very, very long list.
Bank bail outs and guarantees, arts council and film subsidies, windmill subsidies, green subsidies, agricultural land subsidies and housing benefit, PFI and PP overspend, export guarantees, most of DFID spending, overspend on weapons (what MoD get up to is incompetent to the point of being criminal, troops are dying and they don't care), IT projects (NHS Spine), all the Work Programme and A4E type stuff, carbon permits-auctions, spending money on removing harmless white asbestos, tax breaks/subsidies for pensions companies, HomeBuy schemes, Funding for Lending scheme.
Most of these items are in the £1 billion to £10 billion per annum range, none of them in isolation would bankrupt us, but if you have thirty or forty biggies, then it all adds up.

  I think it also includes NHS trusts since they are nominally independent and probably a number of other things I would approve of, at least in principle.

  However it is obvious that very little of the money government takes to provide for the poor actually ends up there. The vast majority goes to "THE PURPOSE OF GOVERNMENT IS TO PAY GOVERNMENT WORKERS AND THEIR ALLIES"

    We don't have a deficit of about 20% of all government spending because of welfare. The claims of various politicians that we can't cut the deficit because this will hurt "the most vulnerable in society" are simply untrue. We have a deficit because we have so many parasites, who then frokm time to time use real welfare cases as mopral human shields.

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