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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Are The Tories Expecting UKIP Will Win the 2014 Election and Them Come 3rd?

    Something I should have made a point of in yesterday's article about Lord Ashcroft's complacent report on UKIP, written for the Conservatives.

    About the coming EU election: in 2014

"even if they were to win more seats than any other party it need not mean electoral doom for the Tories the following year."  p6

    Which sounds like a Tory acknowledgement it is likely UKIP will become Britain's biggest party in that election.

   While I am not entirely confident of that it is encouraging that our opponents, particularly one with their hand on the pulse of party organisation, have such faith in us.

    I should point out that the main reason for not voting UKIP given to him by the public is that, because we are a small party, it is a "wasted vote". UKIP becoming the largest party and the Conservatives coming 3rd, probably a poor third if we are picking up their vote, would make the "wasted vote" line a positive point for us against them.

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