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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

If America Were A Company That Couldn't Choose Competent Management A Demerger Would Be The Only Choice

   At the end of the Obama reign, with China growing at 10% and the USA either barely or not at all, the US economy will be half, or less, as big compared to China’s as it was at the start. China is now bound tio become the world’s leading economy.
. Everything else, even the fact that Obama’s victory depended on blacks voting, with a soviet style almost 100% for him and hispanics by 73%, despite his abysmal record, it seems unlikely the Republicans can ever win, pales into insignificance.

  This is current GDP for both:

1 United States $15,075,675 million

2 China 11,299,987 million

Thus the US is still 33% richer. However with 4 years of 10% growth China will be, excluding inflation in both countries, $16,544,309 million.

On Sunday I suggested that if Obama won it would mean that it is now impossible to elect a free and progressive government for the USA:

"If Obama gets back in I think the only hope for salvaging something will be that those states that want progress and growth quit the Union. History teaches that the most innovative and progressive societies are those where states are smaller than the cultural unit and so creative individuals are free to move and create beyond the reach of authoritarian small regimes.
Ancient Greece, Renaissance Italy and Europe of the ages of empires are examples. One example would be that when Christopher Columbus couldn't get support from the king of Portugal he was free to try the kings of England, France and Spain until he hit - while at much the same time, following the voyages of Cheng Ho, the Chinese emperor could simply order that ocean going travel would stop and it did.
Would SpaceX do better in a free market Florida or Texas than in a United States of America. Almost certainly. Perhaps absolutely certainly if Obama was running the USA. I would not guarantee it would do better in both, but it wouldn't have to. The original Federal US government was an attempt to fuse the individual freedom of small states with the ability to preserve internal peace of an empire. We are about to see if that vision is unsalvagable."

   I think that is clearly true. One factor affecting it is that both California and Pennsylvania (both Obama states) are going to go bankrupt before the \USA does. It seems unlikely that obama would be able to resist pressure to bail them out or that most of the other states would do so.

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