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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Recent Reading

"He described a surgery harvesting a heart from a Serb prisoner at a location near (the northern Albanian town of) Kukes in the late 1990s," and transporting the organ to the Rinas airport near the capital Tirana, the prosecutor said"

    There is no question that NATO police carried out these atrocities under the authority and with the active participation of our own leaders. The evidence is clearer and more prosecutable than for Hitler's preknowledge of the Holocaust.

    By definition, every single British or NATO jurist who is not personally a wholly corrupt Nazi must have publicly called for the NATO funded ICTY to prosecute, with full vigour, up to the highest level ie Clinton & Blair . The fact that not a single one of them has done so does not in any way diminsh the logical certainty of that.
  John Brignall lists things  "universities" are trying to sell degrees in:    Acting, Activity leadership, Acupuncture. Advertising. Advice work, African, Alternative medicine, Alternative theatre, Alternative therapies, Antiques, Applied theatre, Art direction, Art therapy, Beauty therapy, Biodiversity, Book arts, Broadcast presentation, Calligraphy, Campaigning,Casino operations, Child protection, Chinese Medicine (traditional), Citizenship, Climate, Clothing Engineering, Clothing studies, Community development, Complementary therapies, Costume, Crime scene, Culinary arts, Culture, Customer service, Dance, Entertainment technology, Entrepreneurship, European marketing, Families, Fashion promotion, Fire safety, Fire studies, Fitness studies, Floristry, Foot health, Football, Footwear design, Furniture production management, Garden design, Gender/sexuality studies, Golf studies, Greenkeeping, Hairdressing, Health and safety, Home economics, Jewellery, Knitwear design, Leadership, Leisure studies, Licensed retailing, Lighting studies, Machine management, Media studies, Office communication, Packaging, Play leadership, Renewable energy, Residential development, Retailing, Song writing, Sport performance, Sports journalism, Supply chain management, Surface pattern, Sustainability, Tableware design, Tourism management,  Yacht operations ................................................................

Tim Worstall proves that, on yet another issue, this time food production, the eco-Nazis care not in the smallest degree about the people they claim to care about. In this case the term "eco-Nazis" is certainly justified because what they want to do would certainly deliberately kill large numbers of people:

those poor countries need to move to the higher-tech food collection, processing and distribution systems that we ourselves use. Which is excellent news for us, obviously, as we already do it we know exactly how to do it.

Except for just the one little point. When you read around the reports from the World Development Movement, Oxfam, Action Aid and the neo-peasants of the Green Party, Friends of the Earth and the Nef, you find that all of these things are exactly what they campaign against. We must fight against the agricultural commodity giants because they're, umm, well they're capitalist I think is the complaint. Certainly we must have a Robin Hood Tax, if not an outright ban on financial speculation in food: thus killing such companies' ability to manage their risk. Processed food is just not on at all, we must all be soaking our own lentils overnight and supermarkets are the very death of community. Aren't they?

That is, the very people who worry that there's going to be a food shortage campaign against the very solutions that their own research tells us will and does work. At which point words fail me.


   Going round the climate sanity blogsphere - Despite the fact that the EU signed up to the Aarhus Convention, legally requiring them to make decisions on climate open transparent and evidence based they have quite obviously refused to do so.

    I assume this Convention was originally introduced to allow Greens to meddle in and hold up any decisions they didn't like. Hoist by their own petard.

    This Convention must thereby render Scotland's Climate change Acy non-legal since it is centred around the deliberate fabricatio0n od quotes alleged to be from the Stern Report. Where is Big Oil when you need them to spend £100,000 ( about 0.00001 of what the government spend on promoting the fraud annually) to mount the necessary legal challenge.

   Spiked on the movement to ban Israeli dancers on Scotland.

    Clearly whatever is accused against Israel, & repeatedly anti-Islael stories have been subsequentlyy proven lies without any of the liars apologising, is not nearly as serious as our and NATO's atrocitiries against the Yugoslavs, which are also of more direct relevance to us.

     That is why every single person in the anti-Israel movement who is not personally a Nazi has publicly called for a boycott of all NATO country dancers, goods etc.

   Anybody know of any anti-Israel campaigners not motivated by Nazism?

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