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Friday, August 10, 2012

Syria & Yugoslavia - The Only British Paper (online) That Allows Dissent - Shetland News

  I had this letter in the Shetland News online.

 On the one hand I think what I have said about the Syrian imbroglio and even moreso, about the Yugoslav wars is something which most definitely should be said and it is something the MSM simply censors. This is only the 2nd time I have ever had a letter published which mentioned Dragodan - the other being in the Herald years ago. I have another letter out to the Scotsman which I suspect they won't print tomorrow.

   On the other it may well distract from what I have been saying there about tunnels.

  But Jean Murray's unctuous letter about how we should be helping people who are foreign hired terrorists rather than local democrats made me see red. Sometimes you can't turn away. No replies so far and it will be interesting to see if she, or anybody else, feels they can do so.

Jean Urquhart MSP's letter about Syria (Why Syria matters; SN 7/8/12) is correct on one point: what people get away with in one part of the world affects us all. For the rest it reflects the slanted and simplistic view we in Britain are normally fed.

The Syrian "revolution" is not an internal revolution at all, but as Asia Times, an online publication, reports: "A swarm of mercenaries - infiltrated via Jordan - who were supposed to take over the capital had to retreat up north. Now the news cycle is fixated on another faux game-changer - the Battle of Aleppo" - something unnoticed by all the western journalists on site.

The Damascus bomb, far from being a set by "rebels", was a carefully crafted Saudi and US state assassination to which the Syrians have reacted remarkably quickly by in turn assassinating Prince Bandar bin Sultan (now up to 2,900 mentions worldwide) who was appointed Saudi intelligence chief for masterminding it.

It is difficult to see how any part of the Syrian conflict can be understood without knowing this, but because your "rivals" have managed to miss it, here again you have the opportunity of a major scoop.

The Houla massacre of about 100 people was extensively covered by our media. The fact the Syrian regime found the subsequent evidence that the victims were, in fact, Assad's allies and so it must have been the "democrats" rather than him responsible, somehow eluded the British broadcasters.

All of this is reminiscent of the Kosovo war where the same broadcaster cheered NATO bombing of hospitals, TV station and other civilian targets to help our "democratic" KLA thugs and then failed to report when the KLA, newly signed up as NATO police, carried out hundreds of massacres, probably the worst being of 210 civilians killed outside the British HQ in Dragodan, and the kidnapping and dissection, while still alive, of a total of 1,800 people to sell their body organs to western hospitals.

We should indeed, as Ms Urquhart says, "sweep down the walls of oppression" even, or particularly, when the guards on those walls are our own politicians.

Kosovo dissections unmentioned by our media:

Dragodan massacre, also unmentioned:

Neil Craig

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The Shetland News... that's reminiscent of the 19th century "Let the Czar of Russia be warned, the Skibbereen Eagle is watching you!" (quoting from memory).

Censored by 99.98% of the British media looks a lot like 100% censorship except that single exception makes the rest more obvious. Today's post has a similar message, though it is about how the modern Tsar is watched by our media.
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