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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson Racist Pro-Nazi Liar

Letter sent to Scottish Conservative Leader and her deputy :

Dear Ruth Davidson,

I noted that, during the BBC "big debate" on Sunday you asserted that NATO was a good thing because of "some of the work our troops did there preventing ethnic cleansing".

If you are ignorant of the facts you will wish to publicly retract the claim.

If you are not you will already know that what NATO actually did was, having signed a temporary occupation agreement with Yugoslavia undertaking to disarm the genocidal KLA & run a non-racist regime which respected Yugoslavia's sovereignty, they immediately appointed the KLA as NATO police and sent them out to commit atrocities. These included the ethnic cleansing of 350,000 people; the sexual enslavement of 10s of thousands of children for use in western brothels; numerous massacres such as the Dragodan massacre where these forces of ours murdered at least 210 unnamed civilians outside our military HQ in Dragodan (an atrocity comparable to My Lai or Lidice); and the kidnap, sorry arrest, of at least 1800 people, chosen on racial grounds, who were dissected while still alive to provide body organs for western hospitals (an atrocity unmatched even by Hitler). In that case you will also know that not only did the Milosevic "trial" find no evidence whatsoever of a campaign of ethnic cleansing but that Milosevic's government went to considerable lengths to reassure Albanians and ensure atrocities were prevented.

If the former you will, obviously wish to check the truth and then publicly retract your lie and apologise to the family of Milosevic.

If it was a deliberate lie, or if it was spoken without concern for the truth and examination proves my accusations to be entirely truthful but that this does not prevent you maintaining the lie, you will have proven yourself to have reached a level of obscenity beyond description.

Neil Craig

Neither she nor her deputy have replied therefore it probably was at the time and undeniably is now a deliberate racist lie told by a wholly corrupt pro-Nazi.

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