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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Examples of British Mainstream Media Censorship

  In 2004 I put up these 12 issues in response to a BBC radio request for public input on what they should discuss. 

    1) THE BILDERBERG GROUP: During IDS's election to Tory leader I phoned in & you asked me which candidate I would prefer. I said that I would prefer IDS on the grounds that to have both the PM & Ken Clarke as opposition leader members of the same political secret society would be bad for democracy. You said how unfortunate it was that interesting points so often came up at the end of the show & while you had never heard of them, that you would like to do a future programme about them. Conspiracy theorists would assume you were subsequently informed that the Bilderbergers are something on which the BBC does not report but if I am wrong I look forward to your feature.

6) AN AUTOMATED MONORAIL LINK FROM GLASGOW AIRPORT TO PAISLEY: 7) HIGHLAND AIR: we could reduce costs to where low-cost airlines would be interested & you could fly to Tiree for a tenner.
10) KOYOTO: costs

     Some years and a couple of reminders later Lesley Riddoch did indeed do a programme on #4 Ireland's growth. That was about it till Ireland crashed, not because their economy failed but because they had guaranteed to international creditors of their banks (mainly European). At that point Ireland's economy became reportable but with it now picking up again is becoming un-news again.

    A lot of time has gone past since then so I think it is worth making an updated list of those things that cannot be reported, or only once with a small audience, by our own "lamestream media".

13 The sceptical case against catastrophic global warming - the BBC even hired somebody to say why they should censor more
14 Dissection of 1800 Serbs in Kosovo by NATO authorised "police"
15 The Hormesis theory that low level radiation is beneficial, for which there is real evidence, unlike the official approved no lower threshold one for which there is none.
16 The real and undisputed genocide of 3,850 Serbs at Srebrenica or indeed any mention of the impossibility of the official story being true.
17 UKIP censored to 97.2% less coveragea, per vote, as the Greens and a slightly less blatant censorship, per vote, though far greater in total. .
18 Climategate to any serious extent
19 The IPCC fraud about the Himalayan glaciers melting
20 The IPCC's Amazon dying fraud.
21 Recent evidence that the Himalayan glaciers are actually growing
22 Any other of the regular pieces of evidence that CAGW is false.
23 The 21,000 who died in the Japanese tsunami without any reference to radiation
24 The 31 people who died because of the German organic farm e coli outbreak
25 The 50 people who have died on British windmills
26 Absolutely any accident or deaths getting even a fraction as much coverage as the zero deaths, zero injuries at Fukushima.
27 The Dragodan Massacre of 210 unarmed civilians by NATO police outside the gates of the British military command in the UK ruled section of Kosovo.
28 The murder, by poison, of Slobodan Milosevic, before the end of his "trial"
29 IQ tests consistently showing subsaharan African IQs averaging around 70
30 The holes & impossibilities in the story about the killing of what is alleged to be bin Laden
31 The "paradox"* that the economy of humanity outwith the US & Europe (HOUSE) is able to grow at 7% while we, allegedly, cannot get out of recession.
32 The EU acknowledgement that at least 5.5% of the regions GNPP is destroyed by pointless regulations.
33 That we could easily get out of recession in days if our politicians wanted to
34 That by the OECD standards that said the Russian election wasn't fully democratic because their media didn't give enough coverage to the opposition, Britain doesn't even approach democracy.
35 Free debate, in the traditional formal sense of the word, on any subject whatsoever.
36 That the politicians were responsible for running the country into the present mess and the bankers had no part of it.
37 Evidence that the stress and unhappiness imposed by nanny state government is, by the standards used to justify banning passive smoking and other things, a substantially greater risk factor.
38 80 million deaths as a direct result of banning DDT.
39 Deaths or risks from any cause whatsoever getting as much as 100th as much coverage per, as false or evidentially unsupported claims about risks from a moderately new technology.
40 That the Health and Safety regulators kill 2,300 people for every one they save.
41 That, by the definition at Nuremburg, almost all of our political leaders are certainly war criminals.
42 The antecedents of our al Quaeda terrorist allies in Syria.
43 The antecedents of the al Quaeda terrorist "democrats" we put in power in Libya and what they are doing.
44 The antecedents of the drug lords, gangsters, sex slavers, organleggers, ex-Nazis and al Quaedists making up the NATO organised, openly genocidal KLA terrorists/police.
45 The genocide & ethnic cleansing the NATO armed and supported Georgian army was committed to in Ossetia.
46 The genocide and ethnic cleansing of 250,000 people from Krajina by the Croatian Nazis, organised by US & UK officers.
47 The Croatian Nazi murder of the UN peacekeepers in the invasion of Krajina - even when the media ignore deaths of locals they never, with this single exception, ignore the killing of westerners.
48 Children being wrongfully taken from parents by empire building "social workers".
49 The treatment repeatedly shown to being suffered by children in "care" in children's homes, including but not limited to sexual abuse by "carers" & politicians.
50 Any mention of the admitted fact that the previous government had a deliberate, but secret, policy of encouraging massive immigration for "social reasons".
51 Why the new Forth crossing is costing 8 times, after accounting for inflation, what the previous one did and that this 7/8ths below the waterline disappearance seems general across government construction projects.
52 Any questioning of the Dalgety Bay "radium" fraud.
53 Fakecharities - organisations registered as charities but wholly or extensively funded by government -which inevitably produce reports/press releases/lobbying of government for more government control of whatever the subject is. Almost all reports headlined by the BBC or most other media outlets which don't admit to being straight government or quango press releases but from "independent" charities or groups turn out to be from such fakecharities.
54 The continuing career of Sir Andrew Muir Russell who told the Holyrood Parliament Building that he had deliberatley hidden the cost increases (£413 million when originally promised at £40 million). Si happy have the politicians been about being thus allegedly lied to by the fraudster that they have heaped lucrative public jobs on him, including the Climategate enquiry, where, presumably, they expected him to show the same honesty.
55 The failure of a single one of the hundreds of catastrophe stories the "environmentalists" have based their power on, to come true. Combined with their failure to apologise, merely moving on to the next fraud 7 of course the failure of the media to mention that such hundreds of apologies are due.
56 Though Scotland is spending ever more money on educatio, taking full account of the advice of "education experts" & teaching unions, our results are falling behind England.
57 The BBC commissioned a "re[port on science reporting" from one of their own. On fact, of ciyrse, it was just to give them cover over lying about CAGW but it purpoirted to be about how the BBC should censor ALL doubts about any science where the majority of scinetists agree. This means that if the BBC are being honest they have, ever since, censored any doubts about nuclear power or adverse reporting of Fukushima because virtually the totality of nuclear scientists agree it is safe; have censored any adverse reporting on GM for the same reason; and obviously any scare stories put around by activists about shale gas & so on and on. If they were only slightly honest they would at least mention that the way they are reporting such scare stories breaches their scince reporting standards If every single employee of the BBC were wholly and completely corrupt they would censor any mention whatsoever of how they are breaching their own rules. And they do..

58 That any censorship of all the above actually takes place and hence that the Beeboids etc. doing the censoring are, by definition, corrupt liars in the service of totalitarian fascism rather than representatives of anything approaching a free press.

These are the ones I can think of immediately. If you know others and I agree I will add

I don't think it can be factually denied that almost every one of these news items is, or was at the time it was first censored, considerably more important than the most of these nothing actually jappening stories that are the top BBC news as I write this. - MI6 spy death 'probably unlawful, Cardinal Brady 'will not resign', Chinese dissident leaves the US embassy in Beijing, Ofcom will not be "rushed into a knee-jerk reaction", Eleven killed at Cairo protest, McCanns 'no doubt' case to reopen, Eurozone jobless rate hits record, Parties gear up for polling day, Typhoons arrive for Olympic role. Hundreds mourn marathon runner., Motorola wins Xbox ban in Germany, April average coldest in 23 years - and probably the same applies now.

* 31 - "paradox" is used to describe the completely inexplicable phenomenon of reality failing to match the promises of the politically correct eg the paradoxical flooding only days after the BBC implied the English "drought" was being caused by CAGW or the parardoxical fact that though Scotlnad is spending ever more money on educatio, taking full account of the advice of "education experts" & teaching unions, our results are falling behind England.

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