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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We Are officially In Recession - Caused Entirely Deliberately By the LabNatConDems

   Figures just out this morning show a 0.2% cut in GDP. Since we also had a drop 3 months ago that puts us in official recession, again.

   More important is the fact that over the last few years we have never had any growth that wasn't within the margin of error of the figures.

  While the world economy continues, year after year, growing at 5% & the bits outside the EU/US at 7% we keep bobbing along the bottom, sinking ever deeper into an economic backwater.

  The Treasury is spinning
In defence, the Treasury will point to the bigger picture. The eurozone crisis has sapped confidence, deterring businesses from investing and costing growth and jobs.

   The Treasury’s excuse is that the EU is heading into recession and it accounts for 40% of our exports, holding us back. Failing to mention that the rest of the world is growing at about 6% (excluding the US at 7%) and thus pushing us forward. Of course this seems not entirely compatible with 2 generations of politicos telling us how beneficial it is to be in the EU.
    The fact is undeniable and indeed undenied – that we could be out of recession and into fast growth within days if the political class wished it & that every numerate politician knows this.

   See my 28 point programme out of recession which, in various forms, has been around since we first went into recession. This has been seen by all the party leaders and there is no attempt to dispute, in any way whatsoever, that it will work. It fits well, particularly on the big items, with UKIP's programme  Since the rest of the world is in fast growth with just a fraction of the programme it obviously would work.

   Which is why it is obviously impossible for any politicians who are not personally wholly and completely corrupt to claim that they are trying to get out of recession - like Cameron and Clegg and any loyal members of the parties they rode in on.

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