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Friday, April 13, 2012

Independent - Once Again Anything Truthful on Yugoslavia is Censored Though 2 Others from Me Were

  A few days ago I wrote about the refusal of the British media to even report undisputed facts which do not fit the propaganda lies about Bosnia. I also sent this to papers across the UK & US, none of whom published any part of it.

   However I did get this from the UK's "Independent".
Alas, your interesting letter is far loo long and would require extensive rewrite to get it to viable length. If you resubmit it down to 250 words I'm sure we can find a good slot for it.
    Entirely reasonable if true. So here is the short version.
Coverage of the 20th anniversary of the "nation" of Bosnia was barely more balanced than the headlines at the time, telling us the Serbs had "started" it.
The fighting started when the (ex-Nazi) Moslems deliberately shot up a wedding party.
On the "Srebrenica massacre".
There is no evidence that the massacre of 7,000-15,000 Moslem soldiers ever took place. The total number of bodies found is under 2,000 which matches known combat casualties. When Izetbegovic first made the massacre claim it was accepted that the garrison of the town was 7,500 and he claimed they were all missing. It is now known that at least 7,000 of them reached Moslem lines and transferred to the Tuzla front, without being allowed to contact anybody.
There was a genuine prior massacre of civilians. NATO reached a deal whereby the town would become a "safe area" with the Moslem militia disarmed. Instead Moslems were given free reign to pass through the NATO lines to attack surrounding villages, inhabited mainly by women, children and old men. 3870 identified victims.
This was acknowledged the NATO commander at the time, on oath during the Milosevic "trial".
Nasir Oric, the Moslem commander was so proud of this that he showed western journalist videos of him beheading civilians taken from his extensive collection.
At the same time the Croatians, broke through the UN ceasefire lines to invade Serbian Krajina. This was organised by American and British officers and armed by Germany, with NATO air support. Quarter of a million people were driven from their homes. About half of them are still "missing". Even Croatians murdering the UN troops manning the dividing line did not stir any media interest, though it was clearly a genocide far worse than anything claimed of Srebrenica.
  Which, several days later and without explanation, remains unpublished.

 Though factual reporting about our government's complicity in (ex-)Nazi atrocities in Bosnia is not allowed by our "free and independent" media and any mention of the far more obscene dissection of thousands of living Serbs by our police has always been wholly unpublishable today's Indie has a disgraceful letter giving support to Jenny Tonge - anti-Semitic "Lib Dem" peer who has repeatedly made allegations of organlegging against Jews, without ever even attempting to produce 1 millionth of the evidence available, but censored, against NATO (ex-)Nazi police of such dissections.

   On the other hand, to show that in accusing the Indie of lying and censoring in the Nazi cuase, across a broad range, I am in no way biased against them, here are a couple of letters of mine I hadn't previously realised they had published.

19th Oct 2011
David Cameron's publicly "calling in the energy companies to tell them off over prices" is a disgraceful bit of PR fluff. The the reason electricity prices are going up is purely because of the activities of politicians like him.
They have been told, for years, that taking money from bills to subsidise windmills is bound to put up prices – indeed it is so obvious they should not have needed telling. And if nuclear were not under the burden of politically imposed rules which have no possible safety justification it would cost about half as much.

21st March 2011
The media coverage of the Japanese nuclear "catastrophe", in which not one person has been killed or injured, far outpaced the coverage of the real catastrophe in which around 10,000 have died.
Nuclear remains far and away the safest method of generating power, as well as the least polluting and least expensive. This is known by all who have looked seriously at the issues. Perhaps, as the reactors continue to fail to explode, the media will acknowledge that their reporting has been both inaccurate and hysterical. Or perhaps they will simply move on to the next scare story, expecting their readers not to notice

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