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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Nick Clegg Asked to Retract Another Lie

Dear Nick Clegg,
                             Interviewed today on the Scottish edition of the Politics Show today you said you actually wished anybody who had a solution to Britain's recession to send it to you on a postcard..

      While I recoginse your suggestion that you are actually interesetd in getting out of recession as representing the very highest stanmdard of honesty to which you and your party ever aspire I must ask you to publicly retract it as a toptal and deliberate lie. Anything else would suggest that I am lying when I say you already have that answer and I tru8st neither you nor any opther member of your corrupt racist, organlegging Nazi party will choose to slander me so.

      You have long been in receipt of such advice, admittely on an email since it wouldn't quite fit on a postcard. You have had my 24 point programme to get us out of recession within days for some months.

      At no time have you or any economic advisor of yours purported to dispute in any slightest factual way (or indeed non-factual but that would be irrelevant) that this programme would work. You cannot therefore claim to be in need of any such advice when you already have it and deliberately refuse to use it to get out of recession.

  Neil Craig

 And what will doubtless still be unpublishable in the any British newspaper unless it turns out there is now 1 with some interest in allowing factual discussion rather than Big Government parasitic propaganda.

Interviewed on Sunday Nick Clegg said he was desperate that he wished anybody who knows of a way out of recession to send it to him on a postcard (Scottish Politics programme 1 pm). Since the rest of the world economy has not been in recession and is currently growing at 5% & China at 10% not being in recession is clearly not in any way a difficult problem if the politicians in question actually wish it.
In fact he has long had such a programme in hand - my own 24 point programme. This largely involves stopping government overspending; cutting overregulation; & allowing nuclear production of electricity at up to 93% less than Britain currently pays. Mr Clegg (or any other major party leader) has not come with any slightest factual objection to the programme. This is because they know it would work.
He, along with Cameron and Miliband & their parties owe us public apologies for ever suggesting they wish to end the recession, or indeed for ever suggesting that the fact that we are in it is in any way the fault of anybody other than these parasitic politicians and their lackeys.
Neil Craig

24 point programme. I look forward to seeing if this paper also still wishes to censor any reporting of genuine ways to end the recession, as it previously has.

      OK so this is a bit of a rant. We all know that neither politicians in the main parties nor the media whores who lie and censor on their behalf have the remotest interest in any action that will get us out of recession because it would weaken their hold over us. We also know, from their inability to factually dispute any point of it, that they know we could, like such bastions of more competent & less corrupt government like Nigeria, we would be out of recession now if the thieves had wanted it.

     Of course should any of the politicians feel they can dispute that this programme will work I will publish it, but I said that before.

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Neil, your letters are not going to get anywhere by calling people liars and Nazis (even, or perhaps especially, if it was true). Such letters or emails will be put straight in the bin without being read properly.
Yes but since Clegg did not respond to the original, more respectful, sending of the 24 points I doubt that he will give less of an answer this time.

If our political leaders will not, under any circumstances whatsoever even bother to say why they disagree with something then politeness to them seems redundant.

And the description of them reasonable.
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