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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Channel 4 News - Drug the Working Classes

  The story itself is very silly 
A common heart disease drug may have the unusual side-effect of combating racism, a new study suggests. Volunteers given the beta-blocker, used to treat chest pains and lower heart rates, scored lower on a standard psychological test of "implicit" racist attitudes. They appeared to be less racially prejudiced at a subconscious level than another group treated with a "dummy" placebo pill. Scientists believe the discovery can be explained by the fact that racism is fundamentally founded on fear. Propranolol acts both on nerve circuits that govern automatic functions such as heart rate, and the part of the brain involved in fear and emotional responses. The drug is also used to treat anxiety and panic. more
    Lots of drugs can reduce anxiety and would presumably make people more laid back on a whole range of political questions.

    What disgusted me is that C4 "news" treated this as (A) a real story and (B) a ggod idea.

   John Simpson interviewed the lady responsible for the study who was obviously amazed at the coverage thie discovery that an anxiety reducing drug might have this effect.

    Simpson was almost drooling as he leaned forward and suggested drugging skinheads who he insisted are "professional racists"*. "Would you drug a skinhead" he eagerly asked.

   She gently explained to him that there might be ethical problems with doing so. Clearly the concept that there could possibly be anything unethical in doping political opponents up to the eyeballs had not even occurred to Simpson or the producer of C4 "News".

    The genteel mask has slipped and underneath it the government funded  propagandists of government fascism were indeed revealed as the obscene fascist scum thyy are.

     We already know that those taking the government's shilling to lie to us for them are scum. We know they have repeatedly lied and censored to promote obscenities, including racist crimes like the genocide and organlegging in Kosovo. It is obvious they are repeating the same lies about Syria,, censoring any mention of our al Quaida allies as they did in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Libya.They lie to promote freezing British pensioners to death.We already know that legally every single one of them is part of a "joint criminal conspiracy" of thieving, genocide, child rape, organlegging and genocide.

     But even so it is surprising that they are so unreflective as to make it so obvious. The hatred of the British parasitic nomenklatura for ordinary people has never been made so blatant.

     It is possible to honestly disaprove of the BNP but there is no honest person who can say that the average member of the BNP is 1/1,000th as fascistic as those animals who want to suppress free thought by reducing ordinary Britons to drugged up zombies.

    Consequently there are no circumstances under which anybody who criticises the BNP without spending at least 100 times more criticising the disgusting fascist animals in control of our state propaganmda, can be considered either honest or decent.


* Simpson is also an ignoramus. "Professional" means one expects to normally make a living from it. "Amateur" menas one who does it for the love of it (ultimately from Latin amatorem nom. amator, "lover"). Whatever Simpson's metaphorical skinheads may be doing they are not being paid to be racist - they are thus amateurs. There are no "professional racists" in Britain. There are an awful lot of people making a living in the parasitic anti-racist industry - it is possible that some of them believe what they are preaching, but since they are professionals rather than doing it because they wish to it is impossible to know for sure.

   Indeed I suspect most of us have met people who use anti-racist, or feminist or anti-homophobic language for personal gain and/or the pleasure of bullying. For the reasons proven above such people are, by definition, disgusting fascist animals.

Incidentally I have put this thread up as a comment on C4's Snowblog. It is currently "awaiting moderation". We shall see how blatantly C4 censor.

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