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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Electricity Prices Internationally

  I ran across this Wikipedia list of what electricity costs in various countries. The difference would be remarkable if I hadn't been preaching on the subject for years. Mostly they fit the trend of the most |Luddite countries being most expensive and those with most resources being cheapest. I assume Chinese "renewable tariff" figures are not close to the normal since Chinese electricity use is 3 times greater, per unit of GDP output than here.
 Global electricity price comparison - US cents/1kWh

Australia 19.67

Belgium 29.06

Brazil 34.18

Canada 10.78

China 16.0 (tariff for renewables - not true grid price)

Denmark 40.38

Dubai 07.62

France 19.39
Germany 36.48

Hungary 23.44

Hong Kong 12.04

Iceland 03.93

Ireland 28.36

PerĂº 10.44

Russia 09.58
Taiwan 07

UK 21.99

Ukraine 03.05

USA 11.20

  If Hong Kong, a country with no resources and no nuclear power can produce at 12c per KWh nobody can claim any higher cost is inevitable.
   It is clear that an international HVDC grid, as advocated previously, would bring competition into a market which shows great signs of the lack of it, considerably reducing prices for most of humanity..

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The same source for Israel shows Israel 12.34 January 1, 2012 IEC

which is apparently the cost of importing coal to a coastal thermal station with seawater cooling plus a modest amount of local regulations/company added costs. Probably in a more competitive market 10c a kilowatt hour would be doable.

As you say (by implication) anything more is a decision to tax the public for some other purpose and hide in in the electricity bill. (AKA Mike Darwin's hidden taxes)
Sorry, hide it in the electricity bill. (no way to edit comments :)
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