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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mass Produced Compact Nuclear Reactors with 18 Month Build Time

  Via Next Big Future comes this from Westinghouse, the manufacturer of the industry standard AP1000 nuclear generator that they are planning to mass produce a new line. The Westinghouse SMR. >225MWe. Passive safety systems and an extension of the AP1000 technology.

  What really gets me is
"The Rail-Shippable scale allows for efficient factory fabrication and delivery allows quality control unattainable with on-site construction...

The most economical
Simple compact system configuration reduces operations and maintenance and cost.

The most rapid project development
...modular approach provides for rapid project development and installation [elsewhere stated as 18 months]
   Since the AP1000 costs around $1.8bn but in quantity $1.2bn (£800 m) so when these are being mass produced if they cost less we are talking of not more than £200m a shot. Because they are tall objects designed to be buried 4 of them should only take up about as much space as 1 conventional reactor. This does look like being a breakthrough and one which it will be difficult for the Luddites to regulate out of existence. Requiring no on site building & rail portable makes it easy to set up and at this power level even quite small communities can run them. And once they are being widely used it will become increasingly difficult to persuade people they shouldn't have one, or not to let them realise when 90% of the cost isn't actually being paid for the engineering but for the political regulatory parasitism.

   The biggest problem with nuclear has always been the political parasites. Because it has been such a big structure taking 3 years (plus political parasite time) to build it has been very vulnerable to changes in the political wind.

    We see the same effect in comparing the housing industry to the car industry. A century ago houses and cars cost the same. Houses have increased fourfold in real terms and car prices reduced because local authorities can control the land and thus the building of houses but you can just drive up in a new car. If that comes about in the nuclear industry and it becomes possible to just buy a transportable reactor off the shelf we should see the same effect. The manufacturers will not have to kowtow to political parasites - they just wait till the next customer rolls up.

     Since "Economic Freedom + Cheap Energy = Success" it may become impossible for the Luddites and parasites to retain at least half of the cause of the current recession.

    Admittedly they are unlikely to have this going in less than 18 months so it won't close the gap in our immediate blackout problems but the future is clear.

  Happy New Year. 

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Happy New Year indeed . . .

Since base load could only, under optimal circumstances, be provided by nuclear for 100 years--maybe 200, it is one more limited non-renewable technology.

Of course, Neil Craig doesn't understand this. As an illiterate Nazi he places his faith in the latest "silver bullet"--just like the buffoons at the end of the Third Reich who still believed a new "death ray" would save Hitler and his regime.

Keep posting, Joseph Goebbels. And while you're at it keep censoring; it reveals your true nature every time.
Skip our resident climate scientist "published in the finest journals" is, of course, lying again. The amount of uranium dissolved in seawatewr is, alone, capable of keepingthe economy going for 5 nillio0n years. This is a tiny fraction of all the uranium on Earth which is, in turn, 1/4 of the thorium.

This has been undisputable since 1983

Once again we see that the very highest standard of honesty the eco movement ever aspires to is to be obscene, lying, Nazi animals weiling to tell absolutely any lie for state subsidy.
I respect this article for the all around looked into substance and magnificent wording. I got so included in this material that I couldn't quit perusing.

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