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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christopher Booker's Campaign To Stop Social Workers Abusing Children With The Judges' Help

  The purpose of government programmes is to pat government employees and their friends. The nominal purpose is, at best, secondary.  - Pournelle's Iron Law.

  I have written of this many many times, mainly in the economic sphere for that is where I feel spectacular progress is most obviously easy. However Christopher Booker has long been writing not just on the subject of warming alarmism but also a scandal which should, if our MSM were in any way whatsoever interested in journalism rather than censorship, have the public crying in the aisles.

    Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of children are being taken from caring, loving competent parents and sentenced, without due process, to the living hell of "social work carers". Twenty-three percent of the adult prison population has spent time in care yet to an ever increasing extent the child abusing "caring professions" are ensuring that it is ever more difficult for them to reach the limited escape of foster homes. The only possible reasons for doing do is so that the obscene subhuman filth who make their living as "the caring professions" (A) get off on torturing children and their parents & (B)  its a living and indeed a better one than being a guard at Auschwitz.

   It may be argued that there most be some decent people in social work (or indeed Auschwitz) . However does anybody know of a social worker, or indeed judge, ever dobbing in a fellow worker for kidnapping a child or perjuring themselves in testimony on the reason for it. Any social worker involved in such actions has vitiated any legal document "allowing" them to kidnap and is as guilty of the crime as any ki8dnapper without a warrant signed by a judge - and should be punished accordingly. Moreover any judge who signs such a "warrant" without properly satisfying themselves personally that it is justified and immediately afterwards talking to the kid to verify it is also personally guilty of kidnapping children.

   And any judge who deliberately threatens any journalist or member of the public to keep such a crime secret (a very common practice as Booker has pointed out, on a demi monde where habeus corpus is unknown) is themself an accomplice to kidnapping and also guilty of perverting the course of justice.

   Every last one of these obscene child abusers should be locked up for decades. Give the nonces somebody to look down on.
how many months Booker has been beating this drum, and no one could now deny that there is a case to answer by social services, the police, the court system and the legal profession – to say nothing of the politicians.
Most of all though, there is an issue here about the media. This is the industry which professes to be concerned with people's rights and in freedoms yet not a single newspaper has followed up on Booker's work and developed a campaign – which is what is desperately needed.
It is thus left to Booker to plod on, in his own little ghetto, becoming the last repository for desperate parents, who are increasingly directed to him as the only journalist prepared to listen to their stories.

Booker's Articles
Foreigners are an easy target

Behind a wall of secrecy, parents who lost their children are now in jail

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Couple denied legal help while lawyers make £1m removing their children  Iron Law - this would not  happened if we weren't paying the child abusers £3.5 billion for their pleasure.

How a mother who fled to Ireland to save her baby was caught on her return.

And so on and on

For legal reason comments are not allowed by the Telegraph there but perhaps there is somebody in the childcare community who would like either to justify such actions (or the Orkney "satanic" case or others in Scotland) or alternately apologise for abusing children and their parents this way. Perhaps pigs may fly too.

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An excellent post Neil. One of the few ways that this subject could gain traction is if it was taken up by a "celebrity". Unfortunately. I wonder if Joanna Lumley would be interested?
i love your comment and wish that the social workers would all role over and leave these innocent parents alone, most of the parents work extremely hard to ensure that there children have the best start in life, then social come along un-asked fore and try to find any excuse to get the children taken away from their parents and destroying their chance of future happiness!!!!!!!!
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