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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Links Proving "Environmentalists" to be Corrupt Thieving Liars.

"Environmentally concerned" Greenpeace spokesman who promised 400,000 deaths at Fukushima caught using fraudulent scare story to make money retail, when the rest of them do it wholesale
David Friedman suggests that the "earthquakes" actually earth tremors at the most are as likely to relieve tension of more serious build up as to do any harm.
James Woudhuysen on the change of political philosophies on the "left" from progressivism to Luddism.
Spiked on the alleged supporters of science who attack the soft targets to gain credit while supporting the abuse of science called Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. 
Snow could become a thing of the past in Scotland as climate change drives up temperatures and causes the sea level to rise, according to weather experts. - If the BBC was to be trusted in 2002, or indeed if they haven't acknowledged it was nonsense now, which they haven't.
Global Warming reduces deaths. Hardly surprising since cold weather is nastier than warm but worth having nailed down.
the publication of a government-backed report using Met Office predictions that successive hard winters are rare. But the findings of the government-commissioned study were contradicted by Sir David King, the government's chief scientific adviser from 2000 to 2007, who warned that ministers should plan for more cold winters.
  -- From last December. Sir David "Antarctica will be the only habitable continent by 2100" King's timing is clearly impeccable.
within a few years winter snowfall will become "a very rare and exciting event".

"Children just aren't going to know what snow is," he said.
 -  David Viner
Still working for the government "raising awareness" of the lies that these pensioner murdering Nazi parasites tell us (no offence to either Vine or any of the other Nazis parasites in government)
2 pronged Spanish econazi attack - terrorist bomb and ministerial call for a firing.

"The bomb threat is just the latest intimidation Dr. Calzada has faced since releasing his report and following up with articles in Expansion (a Spanish paper similar to the Financial Times). A minister from Spain’s Socialist government called the rector of King Juan Carlos University — Dr. Calzada’s employer — seeking Calzada’s ouster. Calzada was not fired, but he was stripped of half of his classes at the university"

The Spanish Fascist )nominally socialist) government is now gone. Don't know if the terrorists were arrested.
There is a big scandal in the US about the large number of windmillery firms Obama has given hundreds of millions of dollars to and who have disappeared/gone bust. In Scotland our scandals are on a smaller scale and the media's willingness to criticise the defrauding of the public is on an absolutely tiny scale.

A WIND turbine manufacturer which received around £15m of support from the Scottish government to set up and expand a manufacturing site at Machrihanish has gone bust.

One of a number of such. The stories disappear.


What the econazis say, A whole bunch of revealing remarks, for example
"it’d be a little short of disastrous for us to discover a source of clean, cheap, abundant energy because of what we would do with it."
An opinion which Chris Huhne clearly agrees with as demonstrated in his promise to prevent the development of Shale gas.

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They ruined the lives of thousands of west coast tuna fishermen with the lies about dolphins they submited a fake film of dolphin killings Their lying about the spotted owls,marbled murlet,snowy plovers and other birds RIACHEAL CARSON lied big time in her book SILENT SPRING and AL GORE has lied in his books EARTH IN THE BALANCE and ASSUALT ON REASON and his movie A INCONVENT TRUTH is also a big time fruad they lied about the rainforest And in fact the entire enviromental movment is based entirly upon lies,junk science,fruad and decite These eco-freaks deserve to be marooned in the wilderness of alaska or in the amaizon somewhere
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