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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Chris Huhne - As Well As Being An Organlegging Nazi War Criminal Is Also A Liar - Who Expected That?

 Chris Huhne our widely unrespected "Energy and Environment Minister" (2 remits at complete odds with each other) has an article in the Telegraph telling us what we are supposed to believe about power production. He says

protesters picketing my department, and suggestions that Britain should tear down its wind farms and move the pound to a mythical “shale standard” I'd bet fairly heavily that is a lie, indeed Huhne's diary has previously shown he just doesn't meet opponents of ecofascism

a golden age of cheap energy looks increasingly unlikely – and wind turbines are certainly here to stay the former does follow from the latter but he does know that an age of cheap energy is possible, indeed easy, if he and his fellow thieves don't actively stop the market working 

as an alternative to fracking We are keen that the market continues to invest in the capacity, storage and infrastructure to support our import needs, and are working with Ofgem to sharpen the incentives so far from trying to cut prices he is trying to raise "incentives"

World gas prices are up 40 per cent in a year this is a LibDem lie I have previously nailed - there is no "world" price for gas and the price in many places, such as the USA is falling fast because of fracked gas
such higher gas prices are the real reason heating and electricity bills have been going up over the past eight years. a total and deliberate lie
In the US, vast reserves of “unconventional” shale gas have changed everything, cutting gas prices to half of European levels. which is an admission that his claim about "world" prices is a lie - not often a politician makes such an admission within a few lines
those who clamour loudest for “realistic” energy policies would have us hitch our wagon to shale alone. another example of the pinnacle of honesty to which this thieving fascist war criminal and his party aspire - supporters of a realistic policy support both shale gas and nuclear and usually other things to - just not ones with massively bloated costs
At best, it is years away fracked gas is already online in the US and there is no technical reason why it could not be fairly quickly here - perhaps by "at best" he means he would prefer it not be quickly available

Our aim is a policy that is technology-neutral. We want to encourage competitive tension between all forms of generation, to get the best deal for the consumer. So we are reforming the electricity market, to allow us to use whatever blend of low-carbon energy turns out to be cheapest the lowest carbon as well as cheapest is nuclear, building of which he is preventing "competitive tension" is obviously impossible if one system is subsidised, doubly so if there is also a legal requirement that a set % of power must come
from it

And my favourite Government should not pick winners so unless Huhne and all his supporters are unalterably corrupt and there are no circumstances whatsoever under which a word these thieving animals say can be believed he is unalterably opposed to subsidy, quotas, preventing the growth of gas and nuclear and in fact every policy he and his Ministry are diligently engaged in

Dear Mr Huhne,
                          I note that you say that in energy policy "government should not pick winners". That means (assuming you are not personally wholly and completely corrupt) that you are now publicly opposing all the subsidies provided to politically approved energy producers and restrictions of economic ones - something which has been the entire essence of your ministerial career. I trust you would now publicly agree with any backbench MP who was to say that it is coalition energy policy that "government should not pick winners" and that nobody unwilling to support that should never serve as energy minister.

   On the other hand I also note that you claim that, as a supporter of realistic economic policy I support "shale alone" and thus oppose nuclear. If you are in any slightest degree honest and not a disgusting, obscene, corrupt, lying, thieving, fascist parasite you must have some evidence that my beliefs are the opposite of what I believe them to be. What is that evidence.

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The sooner the bastard is jailed the better.

Lets not forget--despite tory bullshit, this freak would not keep his job were he not doing Camoron's (and his greenpiece wife's) dirty work
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